Personal Expungement Letter Sample (Complete Guide)


Personal Expungement Letter Sample (Complete Guide)

One way for consumers to seal or remove unwanted items from their criminal records is with an expungement letter. It's possible that a criminal arrest on their record is impeding their ability to apply for loans, leases, or jobs.

The option to have the identifying information on their arrest record returned and the arrest record sealed exists if the person was detained but never charged with a crime.

The judicial system is the main user of recommendation letters. These letters attest to a person's character. 

The process of writing a letter of reference for someone who wants to have their criminal record expunged can be challenging. When drafting this letter, a person has to have taken their time and done their research.

You must know the precise information that must be included in the letter; to find out what is required, ask the person who wants the recommendation. 

Knowing the charges that the applicant is attempting to have dismissed is necessary when drafting a letter of recommendation for an expungement.

This will provide you some direction for your letter's content. For instance, if a person wants to have a drug charge dropped, all of the attention must be on their sobriety, the meetings they attend, and how their life is different today than it was before. 

The legal system wants to be certain that the offender has thoroughly atoned for their crimes since committing them. When contrasting the person's life while under the influence of a drug with how their life is now that they are sober, it is crucial to provide specific examples.

The writer of the letter of recommendation should constantly describe their connection to the subject of the letter. The judge will inquired about your relationship with the person and how long you have known them. 

To ensure that your letter has no influence, it is crucial to underline how well you know the recipient. Make careful to include this if you knew the offender at the time the offence was done.

It's crucial to be precise and provide instances of how the person is now leading a different life. It won't do to say that the person is a "perfect citizen" right now. The letter must be as specific as is practical; the more specifics, the better. 

When reviewing the case, the court wants to make sure the defendant is no longer a danger to both society and himself or herself. 

Include any outside volunteer work the person has done as well as any other ways they have helped you or others. Make sure you don't call into doubt the person's conviction or claim the system is unjust.

A business letter format should be used for the reference letter. This necessitates the inclusion of a return address on the letter. It's also advisable to include a date on the letter. The correct person should be included in the letter's address. 

Ask who the judge, attorney, or officer is if you are unclear about the person. Expungement letters are often written to the judge hearing the case. Whenever addressing a judge, use their last name. Instead of "To whom it may concern," the title should be "To the honourable Judge (insert first and last name)".

The letter should always use proper language and sentence structure. These mistakes may be avoided by using spell check and proofreading the letter. The letter shouldn't include any slang or abbreviations. The person should treat the letter carefully and in a professional manner. 

To decide if the person merits the expungement, a court will want to read a letter that is well-written, truthful, and persuasive.

How to write an expungement letter?

Sending a letter of injunctive relief can be one way to get your arrest records cleared so that no prospective employers, landlords, or other people conducting a background check can see them if you have any arrest records. 

There may be many requirements that determine whether you are qualified for expungement depending on your location and the statute that you were arrested under. There isn't a certain template for expungement letters, but you can come up with one that could be.

1. The Beginning

In the standard business letter style, provide your name and address, the recipient's name and address, and the date. If you are using customized letterhead with your contact information, you may also just write the recipient's name and address in the right margin.

Always start the letter with a formal salutation, such as "Dear Judge...", and then write the body of the letter after that. Then, in the opening paragraph of your letter, briefly discuss your motivations for writing, the charge you wish to have dropped, and the reasons you believe it should be dropped.

2. Give Support

In a second paragraph, describe how you have changed from a criminal to a contributing member of society. Despite having a criminal history, pay attention to the accomplishments you have made since your initial arrest. 

You might also mention how not being able to advance in your career and accomplish more goals due to the record showing up on background checks.

3. The Final Verdict

The third paragraph should thank the reader for their time and consideration before closing the letter. Keep your word and paste it below the statement after the last sentence.

1. Personal Expungement Letter Sample

Your Name
Your Address
City, State, Zip Code


Judge's Name 
Court Name's District Court Address's City, State, and Zip Code

RE: Expungement of Applicant's Name

Dear Judge's [Name]

I'm writing to request in writing that an arrest be struck from my record. A copy of my record is included; the case number is NUMBER. On DATE, when I was 17 years old, I was detained for stealing.

I was detained because I was with three other persons who were also found to have contraband on them. I wasn't charged with shoplifting and I hadn't taken anything. I would want the arrest to be expunged from my record, but it is already there.

I have been a teller at Name of Bank for three years and graduated from college on DATE. My bosses have praised me, and I want to go higher in the financial industry.

Since the shoplifting incident, I have not engaged in any illegal conduct. At that moment, I was so terrified that I knew my buddies were guiding me down a hazardous road.

It would be beneficial to have that arrest removed from my record when potential employers and lenders do a background check on me in order to further my career, purchase a house, and get a vehicle loan.

I appreciate your thoughtful attention in this subject. You may get in touch with me at [email protected] or 000-000-000-000  if you have any questions.


Applicant's signature
Name of Applicant Printed.

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2. Sample Letter of Reference for Expungement

Name of Writer
Address of Writer
City, State, Zip Code


The Honorable Judge FIRST NAME LAST NAME
Address of Judge
City, State, Zip Code

RE: Letter of reference for expungement

Dear Judge LAST NAME:

This letter serves as a formal recommendation for Name of Person's application to have their criminal record sealed by the court. I went to college with Name of Person's mother and was a maid of honour in her wedding, so I've known him since before he was even born.

Due to criminal background checks, he is seeking that a cocaine possession conviction from 12 years ago be removed from his record since it is having a detrimental effect on all of his job applications.

He completed an 18-month prison sentence and hasn't had any further issues with drugs or the law since. He believes that his conviction was the product of teenage irresponsibility, and he has no desire to use illicit narcotics in the future.

He attended a community college after being released from jail, where he earned a network administration diploma. But every time he submits an application for a job, they reject him because of his criminal history.

I've seen him progress over the last ten years, and I want to do all I can to help him receive the second opportunity he so well deserves. I may be contacted at Phone Number or Email Address if you have any questions.

I appreciate your consideration of my plea in advance.

Yours Truly, 
Written Author's Name.

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3. Sample letter of reference for dismissal of charges

The Honorable,

I am submitting this letter on behalf of [Name], who will appear before you in court on [Date] to ask that the accusations levied against [Him/Her] on [Date] be dropped.

I am Name's "connection to Name" and I have known Name from "date" for "number" years. I work for "Company" in "place" as a "profession."

The name has always been up and truthful about "his/her" role in the incidents on "date." Despite the fact that no charges were brought for a certain period of time following the occurrence, the offender saw the crime as a warning to make wiser decisions and to meaningfully contribute to society. 

He or she freely "started community service, finished AA, etc." He or she is currently employed by "Company" and spends free time engaging in "community activity."

I often run across "Name," and each time I do, I am struck by the amount of work and commitment he or she has put into improving his or her situation. 

I am aware that he or she is making every effort to go on as a valuable contributor to society and is appreciative of the legal system for enabling him or her to reorient their life. No of how this lawsuit turns out, I have all confidence that "he/she" will keep doing what they are doing.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


4. Sample letter of criminal rehabilitation


I have extensive knowledge of when criminals are prepared to reintegrate into society as a seasoned prison and probation officer. Since leaving my position as a prison warder four years ago, I have worked with more than 600 offenders in correctional institutions and have dealt with more than 150 probation cases.

I am more equipped to assist convicts in their reintegration into society since I followed these people during their stay in the penal system. In my former position, I oversaw a program that assisted ex-offenders in finding employment and kept in contact to assist with any problems. 

The most important component in preventing reorder ding was consistent employment, which made integration into society more successful. I am aware of the tremendous connections your institution has with several businesses, and I would be eager to participate.

Throughout my ten-year career, I have participated in sentencing recommendations and developed a better grasp of criminal law and the areas where there is an opportunity for individual discretion. 

If a criminal has served their sentence and undergone rehabilitation, and if they are intellectually capable and psychologically ready, they should be granted another opportunity. Only 5% of those who I directly handled have committed crimes again.

Six awards for my work in the jail system in Atlanta were given to me, and in my most recent state evaluation, I was referred to as one of the "young stars" of the criminal justice system. I'm hoping that moving to a larger jail would enable me to have a greater influence on changing the actions and behaviors of offenders.

I would appreciate the chance to speak with you in person at an interview to discuss my letters of reference and my ideas about how I may contribute to your probation team.


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Personal Expungement Letter Sample (Complete Guide)

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