Timeshare Cancellation Letter [3 Samples]


Timeshare Cancellation Letter [3 Samples]

When someone wants to terminate their timeshare agreement, they might create a letter called a timeshare cancellation letter. This letter is to inform your timeshare provider that you no longer want to participate and that you wish to terminate your timeshare agreement. 

This kind of letter is often sent to a timeshare provider, but if you are aware of the department in charge of contract cancellations (such as customer service), you may write them directly.

When you attempt to terminate your contract, slick-talking salesmen are taught to keep you there, or worse, upsell you or renegotiate it.

The bad news is that canceling a timeshare is a physically demanding Olympic event. It will take some time. The good news is that it is possible. 

You may leave a timeshare and put an end to all those unpleasant costs and constrictive schedules. You may go whenever you want and anywhere you want after you are released from your timeshare.

Regardless of whether you draught your Cancellation Letter alone or with legal counsel, your letter must adhere to the format outlined below:
  • Details about the sender and the recipient. You may introduce the sender and recipient of the letter at the beginning of the letter. Typically, it contains the sender's and the addressee's names and postal addresses.
  • Request for Cancellation. You may provide the timeshare contract information (timeshare description) and ask the timeshare provider to terminate it in this area. 
  • You may also ask the timeshare operator to return your money (in whole or in part) and ask them not to charge you any further fees, depending on the terms of your timeshare contract.
  • Confirmation Information. You may request a formal confirmation from the recipient to ensure they received and accepted your timeshare cancellation letter.
  • Signature. Your identification will be confirmed by your signature at the conclusion of the letter.
  • First things first, however. Sending a letter to the timeshare provider will kick off the cancellation procedure for your property. Let's look at the dos and don'ts when writing a letter cancelling a timeshare.

How to Write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter: The Do's

It's time to act if you've had it with your timeshare and have reached your breaking point. However, hold off before you submit a 10-page letter. Draw a deep breath, gather your thoughts, and then write your message when you're feeling calm. This is the procedure.

1. Have your request for cancellation in writing.

This step cannot be missed. (In fact, go ahead and purchase a folder for yourself to store all the paperwork relating to your timeshare cancellation. You will need it.) 

Your request to cancel is not an email. Your timeshare provider must receive a written letter that has been printed out and sent. For your records, keep a copy.

2. Clearly state that you want to cancel your timeshare.

It must be quite clear in your letter that you want to cancel your timeshare. You must be firm, but you don't have to be a jerk. Your topic line should be something like "Request to Cancel Timeshare" or "Timeshare Cancellation Request" (yes, printed letters may have subject lines too).

You must make your desire as early as feasible in the letter's body. Do it in the first phrase or two. Do yourself as many favours as you can along the road since you should keep in mind that this procedure will take some time. 

Don't waffle and go right to the point. You might begin by stating that you are writing to seek the immediate termination of your timeshare contract or that this letter is a formal request to do so.

3. Compile a list of every pertinent fact.

The recipient of your timeshare cancellation letter has the duty to stop you from terminating your timeshare. In a nutshell. It is your responsibility to provide all the information they need in order to move your request further. 

Nothing will make them happier than if you overlook a crucial detail. They will just have more time to ignore you or persuade you to remain if they do that. 

Don't give them the chance!

Include the following information in your letter canceling your timeshare:
  • The timeshare's name as it appears on your contract, the contract holder's name, and the contract number
  • the date of purchase
  • You're member ID
Do not bury this crucial information in the midst of a phrase or paragraph; instead, use bullets, bold the data, and use a clear layout. Once again, try to be as explicit as you can.

4. Establish goals.

Timeshare firms profit by trapping consumers in lousy contracts that lose value more quickly than automobiles. They try to keep you inside even when you want to leave.

Declare in your letter that you are not interested in any chances for a resale, beneficiary transfer, or other ownership interests. (They'll use one of these strategies to attempt to convince you. 

Don't be fooled!) And mention that you anticipate receiving a response through certified mail within 30 days after sending your letter.

5. Use certified mail for every piece of communication.

Don't believe the claims made by these timeshare firms that they missed your letter. To be confident that they got your request, send everything by certified mail. Apply the same procedure to any further communication that may be needed throughout the cancellation process.

The Don'ts: Sample Timeshare Cancellation Letters You Should Never Write

When you set down to compose your timeshare cancellation letter, avoid getting bogged down in the details. 

It's simple to say too many of the wrong things and not enough of the correct things, such as how angry or disappointed you are (like those oh-so-important contact details). To keep on course, adhere to these guidelines.

1. Avoid becoming sentimental or verbose.

You see, when we're angry or frustrated, our communication abilities often suffer. But this is precisely the moment when you must maintain your resolve and concentration.
  • The following classic American literature is not in this letter
  • It should just be a few paragraphs long, at most. Stop what you're doing if you find yourself listing every wrongdoing and disappointment you've ever endured as a consequence of your timeshare company's activities. Leave the computer alone. 
  • Once you've calmed down, return later and give it another go.
  • Simply say that you're writing to ask for your contract to be terminated, followed by any contract information they will need to examine your account.
  • If you feel the need to express your annoyance with the escalating costs, the rigid deadlines, or any other issue, that is OK. Just say it in no more than two sentences. 
  • Don't spend time attempting to persuade them that your pleasure should be their first priority since it is not their priority

2. Avoid using hesitant or passive language.

Which has a more assured tone? I'm writing to ask that my timeshare agreement be immediately terminated. Or maybe I wanted to know whether I could examine my contract and terminate my timeshare. Of course, it is, right?

You must be straightforward and confident, but you don't have to be nasty or pushy. They are professionals. They can quickly identify someone who is undecided. 

Do not use the phrases perhaps, possibly, hoping, wondering, if, or possible. These all indicate someone who can be persuaded to remain, and that person is not you!

3. Avoid exhaling too quickly.

As much as we'd want to say that sending a letter of cancellation for a timeshare puts you in the clear, we can't. Unfortunately, starting the process of freeing yourself from a timeshare corporation, it's typically simply the essential first step. 

Be ready for at least six months of back and forth; but, we've seen individuals argue for as long as three years. But don't give up! Once you go, you are liberated.

4. Take a team approach.

Although it's a fantastic place to start, don't depend on writing a timeshare cancellation letter to get you there. Instead, engage with reliable professionals who make it their job to take on dubious timeshare providers. 

They are well aware of all the rules these businesses will use and how to effectively shut them down. Just imagine how much more delicious that sunset margarita will be when you have it at your leisure!

1. Timeshare Cancellation Letter Sample

(Company Name)

(Address line 1)

(Address Line 2)

(Address line 3)

Dear Sir or Madam,

RE: (contract number/receipt number/invoice number)

I bought a timeshare from you on (add date) for usage between (week/period) at the (resort name and location).

I would prefer to end this agreement due to a change in circumstances and release myself from any future need to pay the annual maintenance payments. A number of things have influenced this request to cancel: **remove bullets as necessary**
  • Annual costs that have increased and grown exorbitant
  • Being too old or unwell to go to the destination
  • I bought a different timeshare than what was initially advertised since I don't want to burden my family with the costs.
  • I don't live with my spouse anymore.

Please cancel my contract right away and provide me formal confirmation. Although I would like a speedy answer, I must have one within 14 days after receiving this letter.

Yours faithfully

(Your Name)
(email address).

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2. Timeshare cancellation letter



Regarding Contract No. [0000000]

I'm writing to let you know that, as of [Date], I'd prefer to end my timeshare agreement with [ABC Timeshare Company]. In accordance with the provisions of the contract, I'm writing to you within the rescission period to terminate this timeshare agreement.

Just to be clear, my timeshare deal has to be cancelled right now. Please confirm your receipt of this message by email before the cancellation time ends. Please provide me the information I need to submit my first deposit.


3. Wyndham timeshare cancellation letter



To whom it may concern, 

I've decided to break my contract for the reasons listed below:

When I initially purchased the timeshare, I believed I could afford it. After carefully examining my financial situation, I've decided that this is no longer a wise investment.

Even though this region has a lot of interesting opportunities, I did not account for all of the expenses that come with timeshare ownership.

I must immediately end my timeshare agreement, just to be clear. Please confirm in writing that you received this letter within the revocation period and send it to me. Please provide me with the details I need to receive my first deposit as well.


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1. Why would you cancel your timeshare?

The fact is that you could have been duped into a bad agreement by your timeshare salesman. Or your timeshare "investment" fell short of what you had hoped for. 

Additionally, these contracts might sometimes prove to be excessively pricey for customers who are not aware of the yearly maintenance costs.

It goes without saying that a disgruntled timeshare owner has many reasons to want to end their timeshare arrangement. You should obtain your cancellation in writing as soon as possible if you decide that buying a timeshare was a mistake.

2. What to include in your request to cancel a timeshare

If you want to discover what is required, check your state's legislation. The following details should be included in the majority of timeshare cancellation letters:
  1. The Signatures on the Contract
  2. The Timeshare Developer's Name Today's Date
  3. The date of purchase
  4. The Unit's Timeshare Description and The Agreement Number
  5. The amount of the purchase's total cost
  6. A Notice of Cancellation in Writing
  7. Your Contact Details: Address, Contact Information, and Email

3. How can I end a timeshare contract?

As was already established, the timeshare business makes it hard for owners to terminate their contracts. Due to this, a timeshare cancellation business has been developed.

Companies that specialise in cancellation provide departure plans to desperate business owners searching for a way out. These businesses are the workplaces of cancellation specialists who take delight in their capacity to assist struggling entrepreneurs. If the rescission time has passed, they may still assist you.

4. How long is the rescission period for timeshare?

The timeshare rescission period's limited duration is unquestionably difficult. Timeshare purchasers typically have three to fifteen days to cancel the contract after making the purchase. The length of time that timeshare purchasers have to cancel is regulated by state legislation.

5. After the recession period, can a timeshare be cancelled?

The timeshare cancellation procedure becomes far more difficult once this grace period has passed. Although it is unlikely that you would get a complete refund for the purchase, you may still break your agreement with little assistance. Though the ti

6. What time period is the timeshare rescission?

State regulations protect you if you choose to terminate your agreement within the timeshare rescission period, which immediately follows your purchase.

The only time you will be able to terminate your timeshare agreement and obtain a full deposit refund is during this cooling-off period. The timeshare resort has the right to cancel once this period has passed.

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