[7 Samples] Letter to Coach Quitting the Team


[7 Samples] Letter to Coach Quitting the Team

When transferring from an assistant coaching role to the head coaching post or when relocating to a new place and being unable to work with their present club, coaches often choose to explore other coaching opportunities. 

It's polite and professional to write your employer a resignation letter informing them of your desire to leave your present coaching position. 

Writing your own resignation letter will go more smoothly if you are aware of the procedures involved.

In this post, we examine the rationale behind coaches' resignation letters as well as a sample and template.

How to write a coaching resignation letter?

The major reason a coach submits a letter of resignation is to have an official record that informs the athletic director that they will no longer be working for them. 

Additionally, it gives directors details on the coach's departure, such as their reasons and their precise departure date.

A coach has the option of giving a tangible copy of their resignation or sending it to them through email. 

Whatever format they choose, they should submit it at least two weeks before they plan to leave so that the athletic department has time to locate a suitable successor.

How to draught a letter of resignation from coaching?

Here is a list of actions you could take when drafting a coaching resignation letter, regardless of whether you are a high school football coach who has worked at the same school for years or a part-time soccer coach who instructs on the weekends:

1. Include your contact information, the occasion, and the recipient's data.

Including your contact information is the first thing you should do when drafting a resignation letter. 

Your initial and surname names, a non-work email address so they may forward your emails when you're gone, and a phone number can all be included. 

Put the current date after that. Include the name of the person you are submitting the resignation to after your contact details and the date. You may provide their official work title afterward.

2. Open with a formal salutation.

A formal salutation that starts with "Dear" and the recipient's first name may be put after the contact information. 

You may use the director's first name if you've been coaching in the sports program for a while and feel at ease with them. 

You may address them by stating "Dear Mr." or "Ms.," followed by their last name and a comma, if you're new or would want to be more formal. You may begin it with "Dear Mr. Fuller," for instance.

3. Describe your goals, your last day of employment, and your reasons for quitting.

Mention that you are writing the letter to resign from your job as the reason for doing so. It's preferable to finish this section in the first paragraph so the athletic director understands the purpose of your letter right away. 

Your last day of employment with the sports program must be included for official documentation reasons. 

When looking for a new coach to take your position, the athletic director could go back to this letter. You may also mention why you're quitting, albeit it's not necessary.

4. Say thank you for the time you spent coaching.

Think about penning a few sentences thanking the athletic department for the opportunities you've had to coach. 

You might express your gratitude for the chance to develop in your position to them. You may even mention some of the connections you made there.

5. Offer to assist with the changeover

A sentence offering your help while a new coach transition into the position is an additional optional component you may provide. 

You may volunteer to mentor them during their first few weeks with the program or simply provide a hand whatever the athletic director needs it. 

This might demonstrate your respect for the director's position and kindness for your team's coach.

6. properly conclude the letter.

You may conclude your letter with a closure at the end. Say "Best," for instance, then write your complete name beneath. 

The usual sign-offs are:
  • Sincerely, 
  • Best regards, and other similar expressions

1. Coaching resignation letter sample format for letters of resignation

You may construct your coaching resignation letter using the sample given below:
[Your name, first and last]
(Email not linked to work)


[Name of the athletic director or manager]
[Job title of individual mentioned above]

Dear [Name of athletic director],

[Your final day of employment and your plan to leave might be included in your first paragraph.]
[In your second paragraph, you express gratitude to the athletic director for giving you the chance to work with their sports program and you may mention how it has helped you learn new skills or hone existing ones.]

To make the transfer from one coach to the next easier, [your third paragraph offers your continuous coaching services.]

[Your name, first and last]

2. Sample letter to coach quitting the team

Here is an example of a coaching resignation:
Greetings, [Name]

I hereby tender my resignation as head coach, effective immediately. I've spent the past five years with the Bulldogs and have enjoyed it, but I've accepted a job in a nearby county. My last day will now be two weeks from now, on January 15, as a result of this adjustment. I appreciate your patience.

I'm very appreciative of the chance to work in the sports department at this university. I now consider everyone in the department to be family. I've learned so much while I've been here, and I can't wait to put some of those talents to use in my new role.

During my last few weeks here, I'm pleased to assist in any way I can to ease the transfer to the next coach. If there is anything I can do to help you at this time, please let me know.



3. High school coach resignation letter example

Greetings, [Name]

I'm writing to let you know that I'm giving notice of my resignation as the Blackhawks' head coach. Even though I have really enjoyed leading these young men to countless basketball triumphs, I just accepted a job offer in another district that I believe is in my best interests.

Please accept this letter as my formal two-week notice to quit as head coach, effective April 15, 2014. I value your assistance in this case.

I really hope that my departure won't create any trouble for you or the Blackhawks. I would be happy to make every effort if there is anything I can do to ease this transition for everyone. If you want to talk about this further, please get in touch with me. (555)-555-5555 is my home phone number, and [email] is my email address. I'm interested in hearing from you.

You and the Blackhawks have taught me so much about basketball and life, and I will always be thankful. Although I hate leaving this job, I am excited about what the future may bring. 

I wish the Blackhawks the best of luck and I hope that one day we'll run into one other again as friends. I appreciate your patience.

My heartfelt thanks,

4. High school coach resignation letter example

Greetings, [Name]

I'm writing to let you know that, as of right now, I'm stepping down from my role as the Tornadoes' assistant coach. To follow my goals, I will join the XYZ of the International League as their head coach. I'm going to take the chance since it's the sort of job I've always wanted.

I want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and Head Coach Pastor for giving me this chance over the last four years. I would never have gained the exposure I need to be allowed to be a head coach if it weren't for your direction and confidence in my ability. 

I understand that my greatest shot to become a head coach is outside of the Tornadoes organization as I am aware that Coach Pastor will stay in ABC for a long.

The squad and Coach Pastor have already wished me luck after we talked. You may phone or email me at 555-221-3211 if you need to get in touch with me for any reason at all. Thank you once again for the chance.

Sincere thanks.

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5. Sports coach resignation letter example


I'm writing you now to announce my resignation as an elementary school teacher at [INSTITUTION NAME]. My resignation will take effect right now. My final day of employment will be [DATE 1] per policy.

The choice to leave this wonderful [INSTITUTION NAME] after more than [NUMBER] years of teaching kids was not an easy one. However, in light of my present situation, I must concentrate attention on urgent matters that need all of my time and attention.

Please accept my resignation and provide me guidance on what to do next. I'll make sure to quickly orient the instructor who will be taking my place. If you have any questions, just let me know.

I appreciate all of your generosity and assistance throughout the years. I hope the future is bright for this fantastic institution!




6. Assistant coach resignation letter

"Dear Sports Director,

I'm writing to let you know that I'll be unable to teach high school golf this spring by way of this letter of resignation. I won't have time to take part as a coach since I have to remain in my classroom for after-school homework and because 

I now have more obligations at home. The last three years have been fantastic and a tremendous learning experience. I have appreciated the chance to play golf with the youngsters and instruct them.

I'm grateful.

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7. Coach resignation letter to team

Dear [Name]

I regret to tell you that I am resigning from all posts at West Catholic High School with immediate effect.

My long-term objective was to continue coaching football for two more seasons, has Gabe finish his playing career, and have both Jack and Gabe graduate from West Catholic. I believed that resigning was in the best interests of both myself and the school because of recent developments in my profession and the changes I've seen in the workplace at West Catholic.

Over the last nine years, I've had many sleepless nights managing facilities, organizing sporting events, working with volunteers, assisting with development, and of course, coaching football. It has been psychologically and physically draining. I've decided that now is the perfect moment to take a break and put my family first.

I consider myself very lucky to have worked, coached, and become such close friends with so many of the players, coaches, instructors, and families who have all put in just as much effort as I have to create the fantastic community that is West Catholic. In addition, I consider it a blessing that West Catholic is providing Jack and Gabe with a top-notch education while they played for me for a portion of their high school careers.

I regret having to part ways with the student-athletes, coaches, and parents who have committed to working hard to be ready for the 2016 campaign.

Please know that you all have a particular place in my heart and that I beg for your support in my choice.

[7 Samples] Letter to Coach Quitting the Team


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