[5 Samples] Letter to Request Speed Bumps


[5 Samples] Letter to Request Speed Bumps

Do you worry that the fast-moving cars in your area may create accidents? 

Or maybe you've already seen a lot of incidents occur in your area and are now certain that the only solution is to have a speed bump installed? 

The question of how to create a petition for speed bumps may perhaps cross your mind.

If there aren't any speed bumps on the roadways in front of the school, the parents or the principal should submit a request in writing to the relevant municipal authorities, requesting that the speed bumps be built right away.

Here is a request speed bump my neighborhood at you may use to ask for a speed boost.

1. Sample petition for speed bumps


My neighborhood's street is rather straight. Drivers here often drive quite swiftly as a consequence. The locals are in grave danger as a result of this. When using this route, we need to use extreme caution. Accidents still occur today.

I want to ask that you install some speed bumps on the road to slow down these fast motorcycles and cars. The importance of this is beyond question. If nothing is done, somebody will probably die.

I'm grateful.

Yours Sincerely,


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2. Request speed bumps in my neighborhood

Distinguished Sir/Madam,

I live in (city) and am (name) (Address). I've sent you this letter to ask that you build some speed bumps.

Respectfully, I am sending this letter to ask you to build speed bumps at (Location) because (school, college, or hospitals) are situated in the area and individuals often drive at excessive speeds when passing by, which is causing worry. It is asked that you please build the speed bumps to stop any accidents.

I will be very grateful for your kind assistance. If you have any questions, you may reach me at. (Contact Number).

I appreciate you,

(Contact Number)

3. How do I write a letter requesting a speed bump?


I'm writing on behalf of the people who live in the XYZ neighborhood's Arrow Street. We reside in a bohemian area, as you may know, thus our street is cobblestone with a tiny sidewalk. 

Even though the street is straight and allows for simple passing for two cars in each direction, traffic bottlenecks may cause it to become quite congested, even though it is relatively short. 

Being on the street may sometimes be highly hazardous due to the large number of elderly and young people that trespass there every day, as well as the fact that many cars speed or drive quickly. Fortunately, accidents have occurred in the past without much harm.

So, I enquired as to whether you might take any action for our street. I ask that you put up several speed bumps along the street, especially close to the school, as we think that they will definitely make the cars go slower. 

We are unable to wait any longer because we are aware that it is the ideal time, particularly due to the weather, as construction projects benefit from the summer's reduced traffic and the absence of school-aged children.

I sincerely appreciate it in advance.


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4. Application for speed breaker to deputy commissioner


I'm writing to ask for speed bumps on XYZ in the Paisley neighborhood on behalf of the locals there. As you may be aware, despite the street's dense population, a road connects it to the main freeway.

The inhabitants of XYZ have been worriedly seeing the increasing pace at which cars are passing on the roadway for the last two years. In fact, there have been more than 10 near-fatal accidents that might have been avoided, and one elderly resident of the region was also struck by a fast car that made no attempt to slow down.

Two calm protests were staged by neighborhood people to draw attention to the problem and demand safe driving habits from road users. Additionally, during the open day for the community, residents were reminded of the need of driving slowly on the roads. 

However, we've come to understand that the majority of the speeding cars don't actually belong to the community because they are mostly driven by people who use the road during rush hour to avoid gridlock on other major roads.

Community members have decided that if three-speed bumps were installed, the problem would be fixed and they might avoid injuries and fatalities that would result from accidents that are likely to occur. Additionally, we hired an outside urban planner whose opinion was that bumps would be a good solution to the problem.

In light of this, I humbly ask for speed bumps to be installed on our street. I've included the petition that more than 200 residents in the area signed.

My honest wish is that your office would give our plea serious consideration.

With best wishes

5. Application for speed breaker

Distinguished Sir/Madam,

To ensure the children's safety, I would like to call your attention to the urgent need for speed breakers to be built in front of ABC School.

Location of ABC School in (Address). The road in front of the school's main gate is frequently used by vehicles. During peak hours, traffic is extremely congested. The route has no speed bumps to halt the flow of traffic.

For safety's sake, kids are terrified to cross the street. The pupils' lives now face additional hazards as a result of some of the kids' careless driving. Additionally, zebra crossings must be installed so that crossing the road won't be as dangerous.

To assist handle the hazardous issue promptly, your good self is respectfully urged to act immediately on this request. You will get thanks from parents and students for your assistance.

I appreciate you,

My heartfelt thanks,




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