Application for the Job of School Teacher (12 Examples)


Application for the Job of School Teacher (12 Examples)

Writing an ideal job application letter is a must when applying for teaching positions. An official letter expressing one's interest in a teaching post at a school or other educational establishment is called a teacher job application letter. 

Together with summarising the candidate's credentials, experience, and pedagogical stance, the letter should also convey the candidate's excitement and love for teaching.
You are still capable of writing an effective application letter even if you have never taught before. Make an effort to emphasize your qualities and capabilities while applying for a teaching position if you don't have any experience. 

Your job experience part has to be changed, but the overall structure of your application for the Job of School Teacher should stay the same. Details about your education and volunteer experience dealing with kids may be included.

This article includes the following contents: 
(a) Application Letter for Teacher Position in Format
(b) Samples: 
  1. Application for a job as a school teacher 
  2. Application for a teacher job in a private school with no experience
  3. Application for extra-curricular teacher in school
  4. Application for tuition teacher in English
  5. Sample application letter for a teacher with experience
  6. Application for a teacher job in a private school
  7. An elementary school teacher job application letter
  8. Application for employment as a teacher of extracurricular activities letter
  9. Application for the position of drama instructor in the School
  10. Application for an English teacher with experience
  11. Application for a teaching job in a private school
  12. Job application for physical education teacher class 12
(c) Guide on writing an application for the post of a teacher in a school

Application for the Job of School Teacher (12 Examples)

Application Letter for Teacher Position in Format

Your teacher application letter should be customized to the position for which you are seeking. Select the credentials and abilities you want to emphasize in your letter based on the job description. 

This is a detailed description of the format for a teaching job application. 
  • Date and Address: Your cover letter should start with the address and date section, which provides your address and the application date if you are applying for a teaching position. On the upper left corner of the page, these two should be positioned.
  • Greetings: If at all feasible, use the recruiting manager's name. Use a generic greeting like "Dear Hiring Manager" if you are unsure of the person's name.
  • Opening: State the job you are applying for and introduce yourself at the start of your letter. Additionally, briefly state your reasons for wanting the position.
  • Body: One or two paragraphs that showcase your credentials, experience, and abilities should make up the body of your letter of application for a teaching position. Provide particular instances of how you used your abilities in prior roles. Include a description of how your background qualifies you for the position.
  • In closing, mention how excited you are about the position and how much you would want to meet with the hiring manager to go over your credentials in more detail. Express gratitude for the recruiting manager's time and thought.
  • Signing off: Sign off on the letter by adding a formal closure like "Sincerely" or "Best regards," then sign your name.
  • Attachments: In the concluding paragraph, please include any other files you are sending with your application, such as your résumé or references

 1. Application for a job as a school teacher 

[ZIP Code for City and State]
[Mobile Number]


[Name of Employer]
[School Name]
[ZIP Code for City and State]

To Whom [Name of Employer],

For the teaching opportunity at [School Name], I'm writing to show my interest. I feel I would be a great addition to your faculty, having taught at [School Name/Institution] for [Number] years and holding a Bachelor's degree in [Subject].

I've established a teaching method as an experienced educator that meets each student's unique learning requirements while also getting them involved in the classroom. Throughout my lesson planning, I try to make the content interesting and approachable for students, demonstrating my love for [Subject]. 

Creating a unified learning environment that supports student achievement is something else I want to do in collaboration with other educators. Including the [Achievement], my educational accomplishments are highlighted in my résumé, which is attached. Of [Most outstanding accomplishment], I am really proud. With my background and abilities, I am sure that I am the best person for this job.

As an enthusiastic supporter of academic quality, I am thrilled about the chance to make a contribution to the academic community at [School Name]. I think I'd be a great fit for this job because of my teaching style, my capacity to engage students, and my dedication to their success.

I am grateful for your thoughtfulness and hope to hear from you shortly.


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2. Application for a teacher job in a private school with no experience

Subject: Request for [Institution] Teaching Post Application

Greetings, [Name of Hiring Manager].

In response to the job posting on [Job Board/Website], I am writing to [Institution] to convey my sincere interest in the teaching role. I am anxious to have a good influence on young brains, even though I am a new graduate without any formal teaching experience. I am enthusiastic about education.

With my love for fostering a helpful learning environment and my educational background, I am sure that I am a great contender for this role. My knowledge of [topic or grade level] is extensive, and I am committed to using cutting-edge teaching techniques to meet the requirements of a variety of students.

My academic career has equipped me with a strong foundation in instructional design, lesson preparation, and assessment methodologies. To improve the learning process, I am skilled in implementing educational technology tools in the classroom. My goal is to create a learning climate in the classroom that is supportive and comfortable for children to voice their opinions, think critically, and acquire a lifetime love of learning.

To favorably impact kids' academic success at [Institution], I am excited to work in partnership with coworkers, parents, and administrators. My work ethic is strong, I am receptive to criticism, and I pick things up quickly.

If I had the chance to go into more detail about how my abilities and passion fit in with the objectives and principles of [Institution], I would be grateful.

I appreciate you giving my application some thought. Please evaluate my academic credentials and résumé, which I have provided. For an interview or any more information you may need, I am accessible whenever it is convenient for you.

I appreciate all of your thoughts and attention.



3. Application for extra-curricular teacher in school

Subject: Letter of application for extracurricular subject teaching position

Greetings, Sir or Madame

I saw an ad for a teacher with experience teaching extracurricular courses that your reputable institution placed in (Name of the publication/job source). Therefore, I would like to apply for the job since I have been a freelance English dramatist and performing arts teacher in (Name of City/Area/State) for the last 15 years, working with various prestigious institutions.

In the end, I think that the curriculum for elementary schools should incorporate public speaking and performing arts. If the kids are introduced to the English language creatively and enjoyably, they will gain confidence and get over their fear of it. 

The Dramatics Club of (Name of the city/state/area) is another organization I am involved in. We just had a screening of the famous Shakespeare play "Hamlet," which was also featured in (Name of the newspaper) on (dated).

Below are my credentials, both academic and professional. Kindly treat the papers that are contained in this letter as an attachment.

Regards & Thanks,

4. Application for tuition teacher in English

Subject: To apply for a teaching position at tuition

Greetings, Sir or Madame

I want to apply after seeing a job posting for a tutor in science and maths for students in grades three, four, and five.

I have been an instructor for the last 5 years and have a Master's degree in Science.
Other than this, I've taught pupils in a variety of age ranges. On my website, I also provide online tutoring for competitive tests like bank admission exams. 

To make studying more fun for students, I also strive to use cutting-edge technology in my teaching methods to help them understand challenging and complicated subjects.

In my opinion, kids would gain from my teaching strategies and get higher marks in the classroom. This application includes my updated resume.

Regards & Thanks,

5. Sample application letter for a teacher with experience

Respected Mr. Jones,

My letter of application is in response to XYZ Elementary School's job posting for a second-grade teacher. After completing my studies at the University of XYZ, I'm searching for a job that would enable me to return home to my hometown while I develop my professional background. 

I have taught first-, second-, and third-grade students in a variety of primary schools throughout my academic career. Furthermore, I have acquired hands-on experience that has molded my capacity to share knowledge and uplift my pupils.

I received honors in my early education program graduation from the University of xyz. Throughout my education, I completed classes that addressed working with children who have mental and/or learning challenges and how to collaborate with other teaching professionals to manage bigger class sizes.

I assisted teachers in many classrooms at a nearby elementary school during my part-time job as a teacher's assistant. I learned how to employ activities to promote learning and retention and how to manage a classroom full of young children from this experience. My colleagues in education taught me the art of simplifying difficult subjects for younger learners by using relatable examples.

My eagerness and patience are two of the qualities of my personality that I think make me an outstanding teacher, however, I will still work to improve as I get more experience. My dream job would allow me to positively impact the lives of a large number of children in my local community since I adore working with children.

I'd like to talk with you more about the opportunity and thank you for your attention. A copy of my transcript and my résumé are provided. I'd be pleased to speak with you over the phone or in person for an interview, and I'm also willing to address any further inquiries.


6. Application for a teacher job in a private school

Greetings, Sir or Madam

This letter is in response to your job posting at {Name of Institution} about the qualifications for a kindergarten teacher. For the role, please accept my application.

My pre-primary teaching experience began at {Name of School} two years ago, when I completed my diploma in nursery teacher training. My job experience and studies have given me a wealth of knowledge about the field, which I have really enjoyed. I think my tolerance and excitement for the work will help me be an effective teacher and carer for young children.

I would like you to give my application some thought since I am thrilled about this opportunity that your university is providing. Please see the attached résumé for more information about my training and prior experiences. You can reach me via phone or email.


7. An elementary school teacher job application letter

Subject: Request for Primary School Teacher Position

Respected Sir,

Concerning the position of Primary School Teacher at {Name of School}, which was posted on {Name of portal}, this is in reference. Regarding that, please accept this as my application.

I passed the national-level CTET in {Year} after completing my elementary education bachelor's degree at {Name of College}. After that, I spent three years teaching different courses to students in Grades I through III at {Name of School}. 

I really loved working with young people and seeing them develop under my direction. I would like to apply for and be considered for the job that your institution is giving. I am qualified.

Scan photos of pertinent papers and a full résumé are provided. Please use this email address and call me at {Phone Number}.


8. Application for employment as a teacher of extracurricular activities letter

Subject: Request for Application for Physical Education Instructor Position

Greetings, Sir or Madam

The urgent need for a physical education teacher at {Name of School} is being discussed here since it was indicated on {Portal}. Given my skills and experience, I would want to be considered for the position.

I have been a physical education teacher and mentor for more than {X months/years} in a range of school environments. I also spent a long time coaching basketball for one of the city's top sports institutes
Since your school promotes physical exercise and well-being among its pupils, I truly believe in the value of these factors for a child's healthy growth.

Enclosed with this email are my pertinent certificates and supporting documentation. I really hope you will find me suitable for this position and give it considerable thought.


9. Application for the position of drama instructor in the School

Greetings, Sir or Madam

Regarding {Name of School}'s part-time drama instructor position, I'm writing to you. I saw an ad for it on {Portal}, and I believe my skills, background, and work schedule make me a good candidate.
It brings me great joy to learn that your school provides after-school theatrical instruction to pupils who express interest. Over the last ten years, I have been actively engaged in the theatrical arts. 

I have finished a full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Theatre at {Name of Institution}, held the position of President of the Dramatic Society at my institution, and participated in several notable performances.
As a teacher for hire as well as a volunteer throughout the years, I have also imparted knowledge of this art form to many young pupils. For the benefit of your pupils, I bring with me a creatively crafted course that integrates fundamental components of street theatre, stage shows, and theatrical appreciation. I am well-versed in these subjects.

Additional details on each of the above-listed topics may be found in my résumé and portfolio, which are attached to this email. Please have a look at these as part of my application, and please let me know your thoughts.



10. Application for an English teacher with experience

Subject: Requesting an English Teacher Position

Dear Mehta,

I will gladly submit an application for the position that you have advertised on your website, it is said with great regard. Putting in my application for the English teacher post excites me. I am a primary and secondary school teacher in XYZ, Mumbai, where I work full-time right now. I am looking for a job for which I am aware of the prerequisites as a teacher.

Please see my résumé attached, which includes details about my experience and credentials. Simply put, I have an M.Ed. from a postgraduate program and a graduate degree in English literature. For pupils to comprehend any subject, I support communication and teaching methods.

I am hoping that my letter of application may help me get into your school either now or in the future.
For your reference, I've included my credentials and experience documentation.

Thanking you

11. Application for a teaching job in a private school

Respected Sir,

My intention is to convey my enthusiasm for the teaching role at XYZSchool via this letter. With a love for teaching and a bachelor's degree in [Subject], I am sure that I have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide my pupils an engaging and encouraging learning environment.

In past positions, I cooperated with colleagues to improve academic achievement, created and executed lesson plans that were engaging and nurtured strong connections with students. Every kid can succeed with the correct help, and I am dedicated to seeing that happen.

My résumé, which includes [Achievement 1], and [Achievement 2] among other highlights of my experience and successes in school, is attached. Because it reflects my commitment to the academic success of my students, [Most outstanding accomplishment] is something I am very proud of.

I appreciate you giving my application some thought. In addition to encouraging student academic achievement, I am excited about the chance to contribute to the academic community at XYZ.


12. Job application for physical education teacher class 12

Subject: Cover Letter for Teaching Position Application

Respected Sir,

I'm thrilled to submit my application for the XYZ School sports teaching post. As a sports enthusiast with a bachelor's degree in [Subject], I am sure I have the knowledge and expertise needed to provide my pupils an engaging and rewarding learning environment.

Creating and implementing dynamic sports programs, building strong connections with students, and working with colleagues to support both personal and athletic development are all examples of my past positions. I have a strong interest in athletics and think that all students may succeed if given the proper encouragement.

With [Achievement 1], [Achievement 2], and [Achievement 3] among my experience and achievements in sports and education, kindly find my résumé attached. Because it reflects my commitment to the academic success of my students, [Most outstanding accomplishment] is something I am very proud of.
I appreciate you giving my application some thought. I'm excited about the chance to support student athletes' performance and give back to XYZ's intellectual community.

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Guide on writing an application for the post of a teacher in a school

1. Give a compelling beginning.

Put yourself out there and explain why you are writing the letter in the first paragraph. Relate your interest in the role to the particular teaching post for which you are applying.

Tell a little bit about yourself and how excited you are about the teaching role. Explain briefly why you are interested in joining the institution and how you found out about the job availability.

2. Experience and Education: 

Emphasize your experience, education, and certifications that are relevant. Talk about your education, including your major, degree, and any specializations or areas of interest that relate to the teaching role. 

Make reference to any honors, awards, or pertinent coursework that attests to your subject-matter proficiency.

3. Experience that Matters

Please indicate in this box any prior teaching experience or similar positions you have had. Talk about the tasks you have undertaken, the results you have achieved, and any good effects they have had.
4. Provide details about any internships, practicums, or student teaching assignments you have completed here. List the main qualities and abilities you have that make you a strong contender for the job. 

Stress traits like flexibility, teamwork, good communication, classroom management, and the capacity to modify education to fit the requirements of a wide range of students.

5. Emphasize your experience and credentials

Emphasize your expertise and relevant credentials that make you a strong contender for the teaching post in the following paragraph. Add your degrees, teaching experience, certification, and any other relevant credentials.

6. Exhibit your love for education and your teaching philosophy.

Showcase your teaching philosophy in the following paragraph and describe how it fits well with the teaching style and school's ideals. 

Additionally, show your love of learning and your dedication to fostering an atmosphere where kids feel encouraged to study.

7. Make a powerful last statement.

In the last paragraph, convey your gratitude to the employer for taking a look at your application and your want to talk more about your credentials. 

In addition, provide them with your contact details (phone number and email address), expressing your eagerness to hear from them shortly.

Thoroughly revise and proofread the letter before sending it to make sure it is error-free and properly communicates your point.


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