Application for Admission to School for Class 7th


Application for Admission to School for Class 7th

Application for admission in school for class 7th is available here.

Will you AGREE if I say, the application for admission to the school is complicated!

If Yes, this article is for you and you're in the right place.

Read this article carefully as I've given some important steps to keep in mind while writing the application letter with the help of some samples.

Nowadays, the competition in each and every field is extremely high. So, it is not easy to get admission to some reputed institutes.

Therefore, it is essential to write the perfect and professional application letter for getting admission to a college. 

There is no specific approach to writing a perfect letter. However, it is written in particular patterns and specific format, as it is a Formal Letter.

Some of the following tips can be helpful :

How to write an application for admission to school for class 7?

  • Mention why you are eligible for admission.
  • Mention your genuine intentions to study at that institute. 
  • Describe in brief your educational background. 
  • State clearly in which class you want to take admission.  
  • Keep it brief and formal.
  • Keep your conversation polite and respectful.
  • Must mention your outdoor skills like games, debate and other curricular activities.
  • Mention the name of any relative or teacher if he did suggest you join the school.
  • Must attach the necessary documents from the previous school with your application letter.
  • Leave contact details where the school can reach you for inquiries.


1. Application for admission in school Format (class 7th).

H/412 New Colony

The Headmaster
Cambridge School
Ranchi Road - 70051

14th March, 201#.

Sub, Application for admission.

Honourable Sir/Madam,

With due respect I Reena Roy residence of New Hill, Guwahati would like to state that I wanted to take admission in your prestigious institute. As your school is well known for its quality education. I have completed Class VI from [_______] with first division and aim is to finish my matriculation at this institute. 

Therefore, I would like to request you to kindly look into this matter and 
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
[Name of the student]
[Signature of Student]
[Contact detail].

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[BEST] Application for admission in school for class 7 (5+ Sample & How to write application for admission in school for class 7).

2. Application for admission in school by the student (Class 7th).

[School Name]
[School Address]



Respected Sir,

I am Anita D'Cruz, writing this application letter to bring to your kind attention that I am interested to take admission in your prestigious institute. I have completed class VI from [__________] by first division with a good character. 

The major reason of favouring your school is because for the last 10 years the school is famous in all over India and had the records of providing a great well developed students.

Therefore, I sincerely request you to kindly look into this matter and allow me to enhance my knowledge and experience in your reputed institution. 

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,
Nampui Lungthluka
Contact Number : 600453**21.

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3. Application for admission to Headmaster/Principal (class 7th).

The Headmaster/Principal
ABC Secondary School
Himalaya Road - 74748
Jammu and Kashmir.

Dated : 

Subject , Application for admission in class 7th.


With reference to the subject line sited above I would like to state that I am Vijay Singh, residence of New Hill, Kashmir who had a dream to be a student of your prestigious institute. 

I came across your advertisement in your website last week and I am interested to take admission in your school and enhance my knowledge and experience since I am a student with hunger in experience and knowledge.

Therefore, I request you to admit myself in your prestigious institute in class VII. 

Necessary documents are attached with this application letter.

Yours faithfully,
Vijay Singh
[Father's name]
[Contact Number].

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4. Application for admission in school by Parent (class 7th).

The Headmaster
Example English School
Example School Address.
Date : 14th August, 202#.

Subject: Seeking for school admission for my daughter.

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I am Mrs. Anjali Sharma mother of Mrs. Priyanka Aggarwal. As nobody of this area is unknown of the fact that, your institute is very famous and it provides the best quality education. Thus, I inspired to get admission for my daughter in class 7th. 

Therefore, I request you to kindly admit my daughter in your prestigious institute.
I am obliged for kind support.

Required documents are attached.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Anjali Sharma
Phone number : 7007411**4.

Sample application for admission to school (Class 7th).



Subject, Request Application For Admission in class VII.

Respected Sir / Madam,

With great respect I would like to request in your distinguished honor that, I am [__________] residence of [__________]. I have completed my class 6th from [_________________] by first position with 85%.

The fact that inspired me and my parents to get admission in your school is, one of my cousin students is already studying in your school. She passed current year examination with excellent performance. 

Therefore, it is a request to approve my admission application and let me get a chance to learn quality education in your prestigious institute.

My mark sheet and TC is attached.

Hopefully Yours,

To Conclude

I have provided you with a fair idea of how to frame the one for yourself on, "Application for admission in school for class 7".

If you still have doubts!

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