Application for Job for School Teacher (12 Samples)


Application for Job for School Teacher (12 Samples)

While looking for job, many thoughts cross the applicant's mind. 

The important ones include things like how to apply for a job, what to write on an application, how to get ready for an interview, and similar things. 

How to prepare for an interview and sample teacher interview questions have already been covered in-depth.

Why is it crucial to ace the job application process? A strong job application will put teachers ahead of their rivals.

Additionally, it will aid in making a good first impression and drawing recruiters' attention. It is the first opportunity the candidates have to demonstrate that they are a good fit for the position. 

Acing your application for a teaching position creates the ideal environment for you to succeed in the interview and ultimately land the position.

Now, let's begin..,

Guidelines for Writing a Teaching Job Application

  • Be succinct- Make sure to write your application in a clear, concise manner that gets right to the point. Even if you write a lengthy application letter, you might not get the job. Remember that recruiters will review numerous applications. An extended application might annoy them.
  • Use straightforward language; avoid overcomplicating things. Keep it straightforward so the recruiters can understand what you're saying.
  • Talk about your skills in your application letter and be sure to emphasise them. As previously discussed, your application letter is your first opportunity to persuade hiring managers that you are a strong candidate.
  • Be concise: Before you start writing your application letter, organise your thoughts. Make sure the tone is appropriate and that none of the arguments are unclear.
  • Include your contact information in the letter of application.
  • Make sure to include a subject line to draw attention to your application.
  • Be courteous

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1. Sample 1: Application format for teaching job.

24 Caroline
New York.

The Headmaster,
New Secondary School
Caroline Road
New York.

The 12th April, 202#.

Subject, Application for the post of School Teacher.

Respected Sir,

In response to your advertisement in 'The New York Now' about the vacancy for the post of School Teacher. I hereby would like to apply for the same and provide quality education to your students. 

Therefore, I am also ready to have many kinds of interviews shortly. Looking forward to your positive feedback.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Natasha Paul
E-mail: Natashap24@

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Application for JOB for School Teacher

2. Sample 2: Application for Job of Teacher in School with biodata.

14, Springville
Meghalaya -- 793003.

12th February 2021.

The principal
Thomas Synod School
Amusingwai - 79300.

Respected Sir,

Subject: Application for the post of teaching in class 12.

This is concerning an advertisement published in the esteemed daily, "The Shillong Hillsong On 10th February 2021. I am Henry Frost and have completed my M.a in English Literature from St. Mary's College of Teacher Education. I intend to apply for the post of teaching classes 9 and 10 in your School.

Please find enclosed my bio-data for the said purpose I'm hardworking, honest and punctual. I assure you that I shall work with full devotion and sincerity.

In anticipation of an early response.

Yours faithfully,
Henry Frost.


Name:  Henry Frost

Father's Name: Robert Frost

Date of birth: 00/00/0000

Contact no. : 1234555678

Marital status married

Educational Qualification: English Literature, 2017 St Mary's College of Teacher Education

Working experience Teacher at Jaintia Eastern School, Khliehriat (April 2017: July 2020)

Language is known: English,  Hindi. 

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3. Sample 3: Application Letter for Teacher Job without experience.

ABC Standard School
New Caroline Road 
New York.

Date: 24th May 202#.

Subject: Application for the post of teaching.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this application letter in response to the advertisement on your School website Last week. Therefore, I would like to apply for the post of a teaching job in your school for the same.

I have completed my bachelor degree in EDUCATION and cleared the B.ed last year and I am comfortable in teaching most of the subjects St at the secondary level.

I am also attaching key documents in case they are useful. I would be happy to have an interview at any point in time.

Sincerely Yours,
Ayesha D'Cruz
Contact detail: [Phone number & Email ID].

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4. Sample 4: Application for Job for School Teacher in class 1.

The Principal,
School Name
School Address

Dated: 3rd February, 202#.

Subject: Application for School Teacher Job.

Respected Sir,

I saw your advertisement in The Hindustan Times and found that the post requirements suit my eligibility showing my interest to serve your institution as a Teacher from class 1 to class 5. 

I did my B.a from London University and I am teaching in one of the private schools near my home. I hold 2 years of experience in the field of teaching.

Therefore, I would like to apply for the post of teacher. Hoping for a favourable response from you.
Enclosed is my resume with an experience certificate. 

Yours Sincerely,
Angelica Chakraborty
Contact Number: XXXXXXXXXX.

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5. Sample 5: Sample Application for Teaching Job.

The Principal
Sun Rise Secondary school
New Market - 700504

The 17th March, 202#.

Subject: Application for the Post of Teacher.

Dear Sir,

I am Anita Sharma, and I have completed my Master degree at Kolkata University for Women, Kolkata. I am sincere with my work and I am a competent Woman. And also doing well in an advanced teaching job. So, I would like to apply for the post of [____________] teacher in your school.

It would be a great opportunity for me to work within your prestigious School. 

I hope to hear good from your side.

Anita Sharma
Contact Number:

For your knowledge about my professional experience, the necessary documents are attached. 

6. Sample 6: Application for a b as a primary school teacher.

The Headmistress

Dated : 

Subject: Application for the post of primary teacher.

Dear Madam,

This letter is regarding the vacancy for the post of primary teacher in your school, specifically for the class [_____________]. As per the advertisement meant,t my qualification and talent is appropriate and wish to apply for the same.

I hold a Bachelor degree in [____________] from [_______________] and have completed my M.ted. this year. Although I don't hold any experience as a School teacher yet, However,e,r I am confident enough based on my superior knowledge. 

I assure you that I can serve your esteemed institution and its students very effectively to the best of my abilities. 

Sincerely Yours,
Akash Kumar
Phone No.[___________________].

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7. Sample 7: Simple Job Application for School Teachers.

The Principal,
XYZ Memorial School
Udaipur Sirohi

Date :

Subject: Application for Job as Teacher.

Dear Sir,

I have completed B.ed in the year [______] and have [_____] experience in this area of education. According to the advertisement in Indian News, I wish to apply for the post of teacher in your reputed institute.

I shall be very grateful to offer my best services for the same.

Thanking you.

Your’s Obediently,
Deepika Ansari
Email ID:

Enclosure: Necessary documents and testimonials.

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8. Sample 8: Application for School Teacher job in English.

The Headmaster
Example School
Dated :

Subject, Application for teaching job.

I Rajesh Rai, would like to state that I would be loved to be a part of your teaching faculty reserved for Middle Education and I am quite confident to get this job as I have completed my master's degree from one of the famous University of London [__________] with 80% in my academic

Therefore, I see myself as a perfect teacher and am eligible to apply for the post of a teaching job in your prestigious institute.

Enclosing my CV and Cover Letter with this application letter.

Thank you in advance.
Yours Sincerely,
Rajesh Rai.

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9. Sample 9: Application letter for teacher job for fresher.

The Principal
Zoar English School
New Caroline 

The 17th March, 202#.

Subject: Application for Teacher.

Dear Sir,

Concerning advertisement in 'Times of Germany' regarding the job vacancy in your School. I'm interested to apply to your prestigious institution as a (mention the particular subject) teacher. I am fresher and I don't hold much experience in teaching, however, I have been a brilliant student among my mates and I am confident that I can teach well.

Therefore, I would like to apply for this post. My resume is attached with the application.

Thank you.

Sincerely Your,
Sunita D'Cruz.

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10. Sample 10: Sample email applying for a teaching job.



Dated :[___/___/______].

Subject, Seeking for teaching job.

Dear Sir,

Concerning the subject line cited above, I am sending this mail to apply for a teaching job in your institution. As per the advertisement posted in 'Times of Uk,' I fulfil all the qualifications required. 

I have completed [__________] from [_____________] in the year [_________] by [________________]. With this email, I also attached my CV and documents for your kind information.

I would be happy to share knowledge with my students which I have learned throughout my education.

Kindly consider my mail and kindly inform me know if any interview necessary.

Name [__________________]
Phone number [__________________].

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11. Sample 11: How do I write an application letter as a teacher with no experience

[Sender's Address]

[Receiver's Name]
[Receiver's Address]

[Date of the Day]

Subject, Application for the pthe ost of School Teacher.

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I would like to state that I came across an advertisement for it on, 'DD News' and I got that my qualifications, interest is suitable to be considered for the position. I pass outt B.a from XYZ College and B.ed last year. Although, I have no experience in the field of teaching. However, I am confident enough to provide a quality education based on my Academic performance.

Therefore, I would like to apply for this teaching job in your prestigious institute and serve my best services.

My resume, portfolio and other information are attached with this letter.

Hoping for a favourable response.

Yours sincerely,
Contact information.

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12. Sample 12: Application for JOB  as Nursery School Teacher.

The Headmaster
XYZ School
School Address.

ate  23rd July, 202#.

Subject: Application for the post of Nursery Teacher.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement posted on 20th July, 202#, regarding the requirement for a Nursery School teacher in your prestigious institute. I would like to apply for the position.

I hold my Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training and have since worked as a teacher in the pre-primary section at ABC School last year. I am confident enough to manage and teach children and provide quality education and much enthusiasm for the job.

Necessary documents are enclosed.

Sincerely Yours,
Ajay Singh.

Application for JOB for School Teacher

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Hopefully, you've got the idea of framing the Application for JOB for School Teacher. 

As you've seen how easy is it to write, however, if you still have any questions,

Always feel free to ask in the comment section. 

I wish you a successful career.

Watch this video, if you still have doubts..!


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