10 Days Leave Application For School In English (5+SAMPLES)

10 Days Leave Application For School In English (5+SAMPLES)

10 Days Leave Application for School in English.
Leave Application

10 Days Leave Application for School in English is available here.

I am pretty sure, as a students you might have hone through a situation where you're required to draft a leave application for school. 

So, if you have any problem in drafting leave application for school read this article till the end, all your queries will be solved.

Sometimes, students needs a break from their school even for more than ten days.

In this case, it is compulsory to write a leave application for school professionally.

So, in this post I've shared the format, Application by student, by parents, the Sample and to principal.

1. 10 days. leave application format for school.

House N/15 
New Caroline
Hyderabad - 75778.

The Principal
New Life English School
Hyderabad, Telangana, 

14th January, 202#.

Subject: Request for 10 days leave.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With respectfully, my humble request is that, I want to go with my Brother to my cousin home at her village to attend a marriage ceremony. Because of this, I may required 10 days leave from 15th January to 25th January, 202#.

Considering the above given reason in your kind views, kindly permit me requested leave period so that, I can visit my cousin’s native place.
I Shall be thankful for your kindness.

Sincerely yours,
Anika Tasnim
Class: VI (A)
Roll Number : 15.

2. 10 days leave application for School by student.

[School Name]
[School Address].

Dated :

Subject: prayer for leave of Absent.

Respected sir/Madam,

With due respect and humble submission I would like to state that I am in the need of 10 days leave starting from 25th September to 5th October on account of family trip to Ladhak which will be one of the most valuable moment of my life.

Therefore, I heartily request you to grant me leave for 10 days and I assure that I will recovered all the notes and activities done during my absence.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
Ayush Kumar
Class : 8
Roll No. : 12
Parent Signature.

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3. 10 days leave application Sample
for school.

The Headmaster,
Gandhi High School,
Dimapur - 79538

Dated : 11th February, 202#.

Subject: 10 days leave for Urgent Piece of work.

Respected sir/Madam,

With due respect, I beg to state that, I am  Ronnie Sharma, a student of class VII (A) in your school. I need 10 days leave due to urgent piece of work in the at my village. I need to accompany with my father for shopping regarding to upcoming wedding in my family.

I kindly request you to allow me leave for 10 days from 12th February to 22nd February, 202#.

I shall be obliged to you.

Yours Obediently,
Ronnie Sharma
Class 2th (A)
Roll No.: 34.


4. 10 days leave application for School by parent.

The Principal
Ram Chakraborty Memorial
Barak valley - 72728

5th October, 202#.

Subject:  leave application for 10 days.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Most respectfully, I am Mrs. Nandini Ghosh mother of Abhishek Ghosh studying in class IV in your school. I have been sanctioned 10 days causal leave and I am planning to visit outside by local bus journey with my whole family. 

Therefore, I want on you to allow 10 days leave from 7th October to 17th October, 202# .

I hope you would acquiesce my apology for above mentioned leave period for my son.Feeling great anticipation toward you.

Mrs. Nandini Ghosh
Phone number : 97373**12

5. 10 days leave application to principal/Headmaster.



Date : 

Subject: Request for 10 days leave due to fever.

Honourable Sir,

With most respectfully, I beg to state that I, am burning in high fever since last evening. My mother had called for doctor for further treatment. So I am may not be able to attend my school classes for 10 days from [_________] to [_________] .

Therefore, considering this circumstance, kindly grant me leave for 10 days. 

I would be thankful for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Avinash Singh
Class : V (B)
Roll Number : 



I have provided you a fair idea of how to frame the one for yourself on, "10 Days Leave Application for School in English".

I've explained it in avery simple and easiest way and got the ideas through the above samples.

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