How To Write Letter To Car Insurance Company For Claim 2021?


How To Write Letter To Car Insurance Company For Claim 2021?

How To Write Letter To Car Insurance Company For Claim.

Hi friends! 

Do you really wanna learn how to write letter to car insurance company for claim ? 


Well! Today, in this article you'll learn how you can write letter to car insurance company for claim effectively.

Additionally, you'll explore some Sample letter to car insurance company for claim.

So, I urged you to go through this blog post carefully till I conclude. 

Since, to claim or complaint anything in written Letter to your insurance company, the primary step is to learn how to write a car insurance claim letter to come out with your demands.

It isn't necessary to be professional to draft an insurance claim letter.

However, explaining your issues and mentioning out the essential information to support your demand should be sufficient.

Before we go through the letter Samples, let's Mastered the Letter Format.

1. Letter Format of Car Insurance Company For Claim Format.

I. Sender's Address:-
It should appear on the left top area.
H-42, New Colony
Mumbai - 700241

II. Recipient Address:-
It includes the name and address of the receiver.
The Insurance Manager,
TATA Motors Co. Ltd.
Bangla Riad-52
P.o:- Mumbai - 700241
Mumbai, India.

III. Date:-
This is the date of the day when Letter will be sent.
The 14th December, 202#.

IV. Subject:-
It should comes just after the Date.
Subject: Insurance Claim for car accident.

V. Body of the Letter:-
It is a part where you will describe your issue in details.
Dear Sir, 

I am Anita D'Cruz, a vendee at your admirable insurance company for the past 7 years. As well known about situation of traffic here in 17 - Mumbai Escort. Some drivers drive foolhardy and carelessly without considering about other people’s lives.

In the process, incident took place with me 5 days ago, as  one of the empty School bus driver drunkard drove directly on the red light  effecting serious damage to my car.

VI. Conclusion:-
This is the conclusion line where you describe the final words.
Therefore, considering your insured's complete liability and my compensation in this case, I demand Rs. 70,000/- only to short out this case.

I would like to hear after you in a week, and if you fail, I will call the NANO Department of Insurance to report an objection against you.

VII. Name and Signature:-
Applicant's Name and Signature.
Yours Truly,
Name : Anita D'Cruz
Phone No.: 
Signature : ______________.

VIII. Enclosure:-
In case you've attached any documents with the application.
I have also enclosed the required documentation.

In case you desire to understand the Application Format better, you can learn here.

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2. How To Write Letter To Car Insurance Company For Claim?

Bolpur H/43
Caroline Colony
New Delhi.

The Insurance Company
Name of the Insurance Company
District, PIN code

Dated : 15th November, 202#.

Subject :- Letter for Car Insurance Claim.

Dear Sir,

I'm writing this letter to convey my formal claim of my car insurance, Model No _________. I parked my car infront of the Chocolate Restaurant, Caroline Street. When I was at the meeting hall, one of the taxi driver named, Rahul Kumar failed to stop his taxi and crashed on the back of my car. Immediately, I called the cops and have included the accident report with my claim request forms.

Therefore,  I will repay the cash when I got the compensation from the other insurance company.

Enclosure : 
Police Report
Bill Book of Repairing

Therefore, consider this case I demanded Rs. 100,000/- only, for the aforesaid reason. Hoping for a favourable respond from you within 25 days. For any queries or assistance you may contact me at the following contact information.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,
Name of the Applicant : _____________
Contact information : ____________
Signature : _______________.


Now, you may go through the following samples of insurance settlement letters, to get the idea of framing the application.

You'll need,

3. SAMPLE 1: Sample Letter To Car Insurance Company For Claim.

Address of Claimant
City, State, Zip Code etc.

The Job Designation
Name of Insurance Company

Date : December, 12 202#.

Subject:- ________________________.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, it is stated that my Car which was been insured by your company 5 years ago, met an accident yesterday, the 10th December, 202#  due to which its front glass and engine pipe was worstly damaged. 

My Car details:- 
Insurance Policy No.:
Registration No.: 

Therefore, I would like to claim for the repair as admissible under your Insurance Policy. I shall be much thankful to you.

Thanking you!

Yours Truly,
Nita Ambani
Contact No.: __________
Insurance Policy No.: __________.

PRO TIP| The insurance claim letter should be brief and straightly to the subject. 

Strictly avoid unnecessary detail about the car accident which aren't relevant to the subject.

4. SAMPLE 2: Simple Letter To Car Insurance Company For Claim.


The Insurance Company

Date : _________.

Subject, Prayer for car insurance claim.

Dear Adjuster,

I would like to inform you that on November, 17th 202#, my  Maruti 800 was insured by your company. My employee, Rajesh Kumar hit my car bonnet and caused Rs. 50,000/-  asset got damaged, paid by your company. The police investigation report that my employee; Mr. Rajesh Kumar was at his fault.

I was immediately admitted to St. John Hospital where I was x-rayed and examined. ( You can expand your issues in details ).

I stayed home from my job as a teacher for one week. I had follow-up treatment with my family physician Dr. Harvey Stein, six days later. The Doctor advise me to continue icing 5-10 times a day. For now I am still taking necessary exercises at home.

Additional Expenditure:-
My medical bills : ₹ 20,000/-
Ambulance fare: ₹  700/-
AX-rays : ₹ 400
Other expenses:
Required documents slips are attached with this letter.

Therefore, taking into account of the accident, I had to demand my claim in cheque amounted ₹ 200,000/- in total.
Hoping to hear from you in a month.
Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,
Name : _____________________
Contact No.: ________________
Signature : _________________.

ADDITIONAL TIP:- In case you aren't sure that you could acquire the insurance claim, you may want to write a complaint letter to Police, you can LEARN HERE

Final Words

Hopefully, you've got the idea on how to write letter to car insurance company for claim. 

However, your doubt and queries can be described in the comment section. 

We'll attempt to response your question within 24 hours.

That's all and have a good health.

Thank you!

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