[2 Sample] Application for Fee Concession in University


[2 Sample] Application for Fee Concession in University

Your queries regarding sample application for fee concession in university is solved in this article.

Request form a request for a fee concession by a student to the principal is known as a concession.

Admission and enrollment form fees must be paid by the student, except in the event of a student from a low-income household. 

Due to financial difficulty, his guardians' monthly or yearly income is insufficient to cover his child's educational expenses such as books, enrollment, and entrance payments.

For the benefit of these low-income students, the education department accepts applications from children who are unable to pay their education fees on time.

Some relevant papers, such as an income certificate signed by the area tax officer, may be required to be included with the fee concession letter to the headmaster or class teacher.

You may edit the following university fee concession application samples as per your needs.

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SAMPLE 1: Application for fee concession in university.

__________ [Address]

The principal
Name of the College/University.

Dated : 19th September, 2022.

Subject, request letter for fee concession.

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I respectfully request that my costs be reduced because my cousin has acquired chronic renal failure and is undergoing treatment. 

We don't have a lot of revenue options. He is the only breadwinner in the family. His unexpected illness has left us traumatised. 

I am employed part-time in a clinic as a receptionist. I support my family while while managing my book expenses. I am unable to pay the entire amount due at this time.

I am a talented student who has also brought honour to my school by receiving the highest matriculation scores. I don't want the monthly price to stand in the way of my learning. 
It would be quite difficult for me to pay full tuition and continue my education in these dire conditions. 

It would be a tremendous help if you could allow me to continue my education without interruption and offer me a tuition reduction.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
Name : ___________
Class : ____________
Signature : ________________.

You'll need:-

  1. Credit card cancellation Email format.
  2. Application for a birth certificate.

SAMPLE 2: Application for fee concession due to lockdown.

The principal,

Dated : ___/___/_____.

Subject, University free concession.

Dear sir,

With all due respect, my name is Anita, and I am an M.A. student. I'd want to state that I come from a poor household and am unable to afford my college tuition and expenses. 

I am a bright and clever student who was admitted to this college on merit. I applied for a scholarship as well, but it was in vain. 

My siblings and I are all seven years old and attend school. Among them, I am the oldest. Because I am a girl, I am unable to satisfy my educational demands; my father is the sole breadwinner, and because to the lockout, he was unable to pay my tuition.

I am pleased of my academic achievements, but owing to family obligations, I will be unable to continue my education. 

It would be a significant loss for me. I don't want to squander my expertise.

Please grant me a complete fee waiver so that I can continue my education without becoming a financial burden to anybody. 

I hope you will take my plea into consideration. I will be grateful to you greatly.

Yours obediently,
Name: __________
Signature : ______________.

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