Gate Pass for Material Outgoing Letter [4 Example]


Gate Pass for Material Outgoing Letter [4 Example]

Your queries regarding gate pass for material outgoing letter is answered in this article. 

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Example 1: Gate pass for material outgoing letter format.



Date : ___/___/_______.

Subject, ____________________.

Dear Sir,

Please provide me with a gate pass for the products sample. Sir, Star Cemet Company has recently signed a business agreement with me.

I've been requested to provide my goods the next week on 9th September, 2022, but they want me to show them some samples of my things first, and then figure out my rate list appropriately.

As a result, in order to get through the gate without any problems, I'll need a gate pass signed by you. 

Please issue me a gate pass as soon as possible so that I may continue working.

Name & signature.

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Example 2: Gate pass for material outgoing letter.

Changuri 37,
West Caroline, 700963

The authority,
______________ Department
______________ address.

Date : 20th September, 2022.

Subject, Application for out pass.

Respected Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing to request that you provide me with a gate entrance pass for gate number 900BM. 

My desire stems from the fact that I live in a flat, my income does not permit me to own a vehicle, and I must walk all the way from the bridge to the factory.

Summer has arrived, as you are aware, and it is quite difficult for someone like me to come to the workplace. I seek permission to come via the gate on September 29, 2022, as it is close to my home. 

I'm hoping you'll take my concerns into account and let me pass through gate 900BM. I will be really grateful to you.

Name : 
Contact info.:
Signature: ________________.

Example 3: Vehicle gate pass application letter.

The manager,

Dated : _______

Subject, Authorization letter to allow entry.

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, it is mentioned that I require entry to the firm at gate number three. I live in an area where gate number three is quite near to my home. It just takes me about 10 minutes to walk there. 

However, because I have to go a longer distance, I am not now permitted to enter from there. It wastes time and money by requiring passengers to travel to another gate.

However, if I am allowed to enter by Gate No. 3, it will be extremely beneficial to me. Not only would it save me time, but it will also save me money on travel expenditures.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,
Name & signature.

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Example 4: Sample gate pass letter for employees.

Subject, Out pass application.

Dear Sir,

I hope you're in excellent health. I'm writing you this letter to seek for your permission to enter through gate number 30.

Sir, the issue is that, as you are aware, I am handicapped and cannot walk completely, and I am from Shadat colony, which is close to gate number three, but factory employees are not permitted to enter by gate number 30.

Please, Sir, I respectfully beg that you allow me to enter by gate number three, which is close to my society. It takes around five minutes to get there, and twenty-five minutes to go to gate number one. 

I understand that the gate is exclusively for managers and other staff members, but it would be wonderful if you could give me permission to use it.

I'm hoping for a favourable outcome.

Name & contact number.

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Gate Pass For Material Outgoing Letter

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