School Leave Letter Format for My Daughter [3 Examples]


School Leave Letter Format for My Daughter [3 Examples]

Your queries regarding school leave letter format for my daughter will be answer in this article with 2 samples.

If you're looking for a location to explore your ideas when submitting a leave application to a class instructor for a parent, here is the ideal place to start. 

Parents have submitted several sorts of leave letters to the class instructor. 

We were granted leave for a variety of reasons, including marriage, illness, and others.

Example 1: School leave letter format for my daughter fever. 

Parents' address

The headmaster
School name
School address

Date : 10th September, 2022.

Subject, Application for sick leave.

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, I am submitting this application on behalf of my daughter (insert kid name) who is a student at your school in class 5th and has the roll number (enter roll number). 

She's been vomiting since last night because of food sickness, and she still can't keep anything down. The doctor has recommended a medication regimen for the following four days and has urged that you rest completely.

In this case, please award her four days of sick leave from (insert start date) to (enter end date) (enter end date). 

As a result, she will be able to take medicine at the appropriate moment and quickly regain her health.
I owe you a debt of gratitude.

Yours sincerely,
Parent Name : _________________
Phone number: ________________.

You'll need:

  1. Gate Pass For Material Outgoing Letter.
  2. Yesterday's Leave Application For School.


Example 2: Sick leave application for school teacher by parent.

12/ Lower Colony
New Delhi, 147842.

Dated : 5th September, 2022.

The Headmaster
Example English School
Lower Caroline C
New Delhi, 147842

Subject, Leave application due to child sickness.

Dear Sir,

It is respectfully mentioned that my kid is a 6th grade student at your school. 

Unfortunately, he has been suffering from severe yellow fever episodes for the past three days, preventing him from attending school.

The doctor has instructed him to stay in bed for one week and take the medication he has been prescribed.

Due to the aforementioned cause, you are kindly requested to extend his leave for one week from the 7th September to the 9th September, 2022. 

I am hoping that you will take my plea into consideration. This will be really helpful to me.

Name & Signature of parent.

Pupil's name & class.

Example 3: Sample school leaves letter for my daughter.

C/12 Chang Street

The principal
Example junior Institute.
Danger Zone, California.

Date: 10th October 202X.

Subject, Application on behalf of child.


I am the mother of Anita Sharma, and I respectfully declare that my daughter has been unable to attend class since last week. 

She was suffering from a high temperature, which was the cause for this. With my application, I also included a medical certificate.

As a result, please grant her leave for those days. I'll be grateful if you can help me.

Thank you very much.

Yours truly,
Name : __________ Parents name

Pupils name & Roll number.

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School Leave Letter Format For My Daughter

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