[3 SAMPLES] Police Clearance Letter Sample.

[3 SAMPLES] Police Clearance Letter Sample

The Police Clearance Letter Sample is simply described below. These sample letters to the police for a no objection certificate can be used as request letter for Police verification for Passport or employment in a company or government work, a law firm, foreign agencies, and so on. You can change these examples to fit your needs.

TIP- The manual application will be rejected by several nations and states. It's possible that you'll be requested to submit a Police Clearance Certificate on the official website. 

For additional information about PCC issuing, contact the appropriate authorities.

  1. Request letter for Police Clearance Certificate
  2. Police verification Letter for Employee
  3. Letter for police verification certificate for job purpose

Sample 1: Request letter for Police Clearance Certificate

The Superintendent of Police
___________ (Address),
___________ (City)

Date:__/__/____ (Date)

Subject: Application for issuance of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Respected Sir,

I'm writing to you as Nampui S/o Ajay, a resident of Lower Mumbai, to beg that you please provide a Police Clearance Certificate in my name. I require this for (insert reason for visa/immigration/marriage/study). The following are my contact information:

Name: _________
Date of Birth: _________
Occupation: _________
Sex: _________
Permanent Address: _________
Passport Number: _________

I further declare that I am a citizen of India (Name of Country) and that I have never been a party to any criminal proceedings. (PCC application form/ KYC document/ Passport/Any Other Document – if Applicable) is included.

Thanking you,

__________ (Signature)
__________ (Name),
__________ (Address),
__________ (Contact Number).

Sample 2: Police verification Letter for Employee.

your address
district & pin code

The police officer incharge
(name) police station

Date: 28th april 2021.

Respectfully, Sir,

With relation to the above-mentioned matter, we respectfully request that you give Police Clearance Certificates to the following personnel of our organisation. The personal information is listed below –

Employee's Full Name:
Code number of the employee:
Adresse permanente:
Date of Enrollment:
Location of Origin:

This certificate is being given to him/her for the purpose of obtaining an Entry Pass to access the office.

Yours sincerely,
Phone No.: 9957536680
Signature: _______________.

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Sample 3: Letter for police verification certificate for job purpose

The Commissioner of Police
Station name

Sub: Issuance of Police Clearance Certificate

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is said that I have applied for a job in the security office (Job type) and that they want written evidence from the (Police Station) in my region for the verification process. Sir, my information are included below. (In your own words, describe),

Name of the Employee: _____________
Empl. CODE No.: ____________________
Permanent Address: ________________
Date of Joining: _____________________
Based Location: _____________________

Sir Although I have no criminal history, you may run my information through your database system and provide me with a copy of your consent for the formal procedure. (Explain the scenario and the true cause.) 

I'd appreciate it if you could accomplish this as soon as possible because I need to submit it by (date). I look forward to hearing from you. (Explain your requirements in a kind manner.) Thanks.

Kindly do the needful.

Yours faithfully,

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[3 SAMPLES] Police Clearance Letter Sample.

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