Sample letter to beneficiary with distribution (2 Samples)


Sample letter to beneficiary with distribution (2 Samples)

The sample letter to recipient with distribution is provided below; you may use it as a model, but remember to modify it to match your needs.


Due to insurmountable financial difficulties, M/s Thunder Steels had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. Under our legal counsel's guidance, we've started Chapter III processes. 

As a consequence, M/s Thunder Steels' liabilities will be turned over to a bankruptcy trustee, who will assess each debt and assign it to one of two options: payment or bankruptcy discharge.

John Carroll, our bankruptcy lawyer, should be contacted with any further queries concerning this account. If you have any queries, please phone him at 9008888.

The bankruptcy trustee will communicate with you on a frequent basis to keep you up to date on the status of your account and where it is in the bankruptcy process.



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Distribution letter to beneficiaries

Dear John's Heirs:

At this moment, I'm distributing the sum of [Amount] to the heirs as a final distribution. I've sent a cheque for your half of the estate, payable to you.

The estate's assets were allocated among the people who were entitled to them.

A copy of the above-mentioned estate's Inventory and Final Accounting is also included.

[Name of party] is responsible for paying taxes on payouts.

Please contact me at 900066790 with any queries you may have about the distribution or enclosures.


Sample letter to beneficiary with distribution

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