[2 Samples] Letter to USCIS for Reinstatement


[2 Samples] Letter to USCIS for Reinstatement

Following the Sample Letter to USCIS for Reinstatement which you may modify as per your requirement and use it.
Dear USCIS officer,

Re: request for reinstatement of F-1 students

To whom it may concern:

I, Nampui, sincerely request that my F-1 student status be restored in this letter. Accept my application and F-1 status restoration, please.
  • Describe the cause of the status violation (include evidence and dates, if applicable; for a medical reason, USCIS always asks for supporting medical documents)
  • a timeline and in-depth justification (including dates) of the occasions that resulted in your inability to maintain the status
  • When did you become aware that you were no longer in F-1 status, and when did you get in touch with the OISS to address the situation?
  • Include the reason(s) you believe the infraction was out of your control.
  • a justification for why being denied reinstatement would put you through a great deal of personal suffering.
  • Include a declaration that you are pursuing a complete course of study or that you plan to do so. Describe your aspirations for your job and schooling.
  • Include a declaration stating that you have not worked in any unlicensed capacity.
  • Include a sentence expressing your sincere sorrow and requesting reinstatement.

I appreciate your thoughtful assessment of my application.


(You sign off).

Reinstatement letters may be prepared for a variety of reasons, such as when a worker requests to be hired back or when a student wants to be reinstated for financial assistance that they misplaced. 

This kind of letter often comes with a reinstatement form that contains most of the information, so it doesn't need to be too lengthy.

Because of their low attendance or grades, students are often dismissed from college in their first year. The student may submit an official letter asking for readmission to the institution if they make an effort to modify their lifestyle and really desire to continue their college studies.

When the previously granted credit has been ceased, reinstatement letters may also be sent to the creditor. 

The creditor is not obligated to provide more credit, but a formal letter can persuade the lender that doing so would be wise. 

In this situation, the sender should specify the causes of their payment default, such as sickness, a personal emergency, a job loss, or a death in the family.

Indicate Clearly How the Situation Has Changed

The borrower might indicate unequivocally that things are better now and that they intend to pay their debts. They should then request credit restoration.

The person who handles such affairs should receive the reinstatement letter directly. Sending it to a general department is not advised unless there is no other option.

Phone the business

The sender might call the business or institution to get the name of the head of financial assistance or human resources. The sender's name, any ID numbers, and the fact that he or she is requesting reinstatement for a job or position should all be stated explicitly in the letter.

The reasons the sender quit doing something, lost their job, was denied help, etc., should also be made very clear. If the sender is to blame, they should indicate how the problem has been fixed.

It is advised that the sender offer clear explanations of the reasons why the recipient left the position as well as compelling arguments for why they need to be rehired.

You should not be theatrical or self-pitying in your letter. This could prevent a successful result.


It is appropriate to express gratitude to the recipient for reading the letter and taking the time to understand the sender's viewpoint. 

Documentation related to the circumstance, such as medical clearances or evidence of reinstatement at the institution, should be presented.

The sender might state that they will get in touch with the recipient after some time and provide their phone number and email address after the letter. The sender may phone the organization to check on the progress of their request if they haven't heard back after two weeks.

Here is an example letter of reinstatement. It should be written in an official business manner, delivered via certified mail, and acknowledged receipt. 

The letter may be accompanied by a completed form designed specifically for those seeking reinstatement in a particular institution or organization, as well as a letter of character recommendation from a person in a position of responsibility.

Financial Aid Reinstatement Letter Sample

Subject Line

Email Address

Zip Code, City, and State


Name of the Receiving Organization
Position of the Receiver
Address of the Recipient
Zip Code, City, and State

Greetings, [Name of Receiver]

This letter serves as my official request for the financial help I received last year to be reinstated. This financial assistance has been crucial in enabling me to attend college and further my medical profession.

I had to drop out of school since I was unable to continue going due to a loss in my family. But all I want is to finish school and get over the difficulties I had when my father passed away.

I had to be with my mother since she was abandoned at the time. My two brothers assist our mother financially and emotionally so that I may resume attending lessons since they are aware of my desire to pursue my education.

I want to be restored with the financial help I received the year before, before this family catastrophe. I take my education seriously, and I am aware of the financial assistance committee's confidence in me.

Last year, Professor NAME was my biology instructor, and she is well aware of my circumstance. She is ready to advocate for me to get back my financial assistance. She sent me a letter of support, which I have included.

I appreciate you taking the time to think over my request. Call me at 000-000-000, or contact me at [email protected]. I'm hoping to hear back from you shortly in a favorable manner.




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