[3 Samples] Demand Letter for Return of Personal Property


[3 Samples] Demand Letter for Return of Personal Property

This letter is an example that has to be altered to reflect the particulars of your case and claim. Before transmitting, all bracketed and underlined text must be finished or updated.

Use this letter to request a negotiated claim settlement or to protest excessive depreciation holdbacks on your personal property claim.

Name of Lender:

Lender Information:

Due to my default on the loan used to purchase the vehicle, my [describe make/model/year] was repossessed from [address where the vehicle was located] on [date]. I demand that you immediately deliver to me all of the personal property in the car.

You don't have the right to keep my personal belongings or to demand payment from me to get them back. Only the vehicle is subject to your secured interest; my personal property is not. You could be held accountable for conversion, negligence, and remedies under the Uniform Commercial Code if you fail to return my personal property.

Please let me know as soon as possible when I may get my belongings.

Loaner's Name

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Letter requesting the return of property: A letter requesting the return of personal property to its rightful owner is known as a personal property demand letter. Even mentioning that you are contemplating legal action in these letters is deemed official.

As previously mentioned, the demand letter for personal property may be used to communicate the threat of legal action if the item is not returned. 

You must have a qualified attorney deliver the letter to the receiver on your behalf if you do plan to pursue legal action. 

You'll have a higher chance of getting your stuff if you have a competent attorney sign and mail the letter on your behalf.

Note: Before you start writing your personal property demand letter, bear in mind that it has to be persuasive for the receiver to take it seriously. In other words, you should just mention the relevant facts, the specific item of personal property that concerns you, and what will happen if they refuse to give it back.

Maintain a professional tone in the personal property demand letter. You should never speak in a casual, pleasant manner. Keep your phrases brief and to the point. 

At all costs, stay on topic and avoid tangents. The letter should seem to be a strong document rather than a meager, ineffective piece of paper.

When and why do you send a letter requesting the return of personal property?

If your verbal requests have failed, you might send a demand letter for the restitution of personal property. It is only the obvious step before filing a lawsuit. 

Anyone who has retained a piece of property that you own without your consent is stealing. It can be someone you know well personally or someone you simply do business with.

To reclaim your property without seeking legal counsel, demand for the return of personal property letter is submitted. This is a step you take to resolve a conflict amicably and with the best interests of all parties in mind.

How to write a refund demand letter?

A strong story will have a comprehensive structure. There will be an introduction, a middle, and a finale as a result. This particular letter is not any different. 

By adopting this arrangement, you will provide a comprehensive paper rather than a disjointed jumble. Grab a piece of paper and jot down all the relevant details, including dates, ownership documentation, pictures, and so on, to assist you to keep your facts straight.

1. Introduction

The introduction begins here. Consider the first sentence as the letter's structure. You should identify yourself and state the purpose of the letter below. 

Then, you may add some fundamental information, such as significant dates. A personal property demand letter's content will vary depending on the particulars of each case, so keep that in mind.

2. Center Section

You will include relevant information that supports your statements in paragraph one in the middle part. Keep in mind that you're not writing War and Peace; keep it short and sweet. 

Any files that you have connected, including papers, images, etc., should be included here. 

Include any information about money, other persons, or events relevant to your case, as well as evidence that the object is yours. In brief, you should provide your supporting documentation in the center of the letter.

3. The Final Section

Make the most of this, since it is the last phase. Be firm yet courteous in your tone. Never threaten anybody or use profanity. Mention any damages that occurred as a consequence of your scenario.

Mention the repercussions that the receiver would face if they failed to return your personal property. Never forget that the receiver must have a connection to the circumstance. 

Assumptions are only flimsy pieces of circumstantial evidence that won't stand up in court.

Advice: Transmit the demand for personal property letter by certified mail if your lawyer cannot sign, seal, and send it. If that is not an option. You'll get a return receipt in this manner for your records. Additionally, you could think about having the letter notarized if hiring an attorney is not an option.

Return of property letter template


This letter is a request for full payment for the lost or damaged personal belongings of my family (date of loss). The things that were judged to be complete losses total $ ———- in value. As you are aware, we have responded to each and every request for details from (insurance company). We have repeatedly made the property accessible for examination, and we have worked closely to provide proof of our losses.

We are aware that the (name of insurance company) policy requires us to wait for full reimbursement until we have replaced every item and provided the necessary receipts. To make our house how it was before, we want to replace every single thing in it (date of loss). 

At the time of the loss, our personal things were in (very good to exceptional) condition, and we have photographs to substantiate our claim that the (insurance company) over-depreciated our property in determining its true monetary worth.

We are eager to return to our homes, rebuild our family, and put this traumatic event behind us. It seems unreasonably time-consuming and emotionally taxing to have to keep submitting receipts to your firm and waiting for full payment for every item we make over the next year.

We are requesting that the (insurance company) make a reasonable settlement offer on our personal property claim in the amount of our entire inventory list's reasonable replacement value, minus what we have already received. Please give this request careful thought and answer by the deadline (proposed date).

I eagerly anticipate the insurance company's prompt answer. I appreciate your expected help in this regard.


Return of property letter template


This letter concerns the John Deere S100 riding lawnmower that you borrowed from Murray Dinkins' home on March 31, 2020. This is to inform you that this letter serves as an official attempt to have the mower returned to me after numerous attempts to retrieve the mower have been unsuccessful.

I, Murray Dinkins of Chicago, Illinois, now demand the prompt and undamaged return of my lawn mower. The documents I'm including demonstrate that I legally own the lawnmower:
  • - Copies of the warranty and receipt; - Testimonials from eyewitnesses stating that the mower is mine; - A photo of the serial number on my John Deere S100; 
  • - A copy of my John Deere registration, which also includes my receipt and serial number; - Social media posts taken on the day of purchase showing the mower on my property

As you can see, my John Deere registration, which contains the S100's PIN number, serves as my proof of ownership. Thus, it is impossible to contest my ownership.

I'm giving you a two-week window starting on February 24, 2021, to respond to this letter demanding personal property as a sign of good faith. I will take legal action against you if I don't hear from you by then. I want my John Deere S100 returned at your cost if any. 

In addition to requesting the return of my John Deere S100, legal action will also demand that you pay all associated costs. Finally, be aware that you are liable for any repairs if my John Deere S100 sustains any damage.

[3 Samples] Demand Letter for Return of Personal Property



As can be seen, it's not as difficult as it first seems to write a personal property demand letter. As long as you keep in mind the fundamentals, including the inclusion of facts, proof, and your decision to pursue the issue in court or not, you'll be off to a good start. 

You may sign, seal, and mail the letter using your attorney's services. If not, be sure to mail your letter certified so that you may get a return receipt for your files. 

Last but not least, make sure your letter is error-free by proofreading and editing it. You are well on your way to writing a strong personal property demand letter if you take the right safeguards.


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