Attendance Warning Letter to Parents [3 Examples]


Attendance Warning Letter to Parents [3 Examples]

In this post, we'll address your questions on how to write an attendance warning letter to parents.

One of the most serious issues that most teachers have with their pupils is poor attendance. 

Students that are irregular with their classes will not succeed, and this will have an impact on the Institute's name. 

As a result, every teacher has the obligation of instilling the value of timeliness and regular attendance in their students. 

You may learn how to send a student absent message to parents for poor attendance or a warning letter to a student for absence by looking at the examples below.

Example 1: Attendance warning letter to parents

_____________ (Name of the Institute)
_____________ (Address)

______________ Parents name
______________ Address.

Dated: 9th October 2022.

Subject, Warning letter to parents from school.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that your ward's attendance as of 9th September during the session 2021 to 2022 is 45 per cent which is considered low per college guidelines.

This could be a significant stumbling block in terms of (giving tests, progressing, or being promoted).

Please take this as a strong warning and a clear notification to avoid retaliation.

Yours Truly,
Name Example Aggarwal.

You'll need:

  1. Complaint Letter To School Principal About Teacher.
  2. School Leaving Certificate Application.

Example 2: Attendance warning letter to parents.

Mr Rohan Sharma
70-Karoline Colony

Dated: 9th September 2022.

Dear sir,

We regret to notify you that your kid Raj Sharma is a student in our school in class 7th. It's been a nightmare to have to tell you about his recent academic record. He has been absent from his classes for the majority of the time. 

It has been reported that he has a lower-than-average attendance record for the final year exams scheduled for this season. Every teacher warned him about his current situation, but he refused to change his views about attending lessons regularly.

As a result, we have no choice but to inform you of his predicament. You, as his parents, can now deal with the matter more efficiently. As a result, we shall now delegate this responsibility to you.

Aside from the aforementioned attendance issue, your kid has another attitude issue. Most of his teachers have noticed him behaving inappropriately. We haven't yet expelled him because of his previous records. 

We have cautioned him and offered him another chance to be a good student at our school, and we believed it was necessary to notify you as well so that you can prevent him from ruining his education and life. 

We are giving this warning letter because the teachers and administration are unhappy with him, and we want him to finish his studies in the same manner as the other students.

Name & Signature

Example 3: Attendance warning letter for student.



Dated: 19th September 2022.

Subject: warning letter to a student for poor attendance.

Dear Rana,

I'm writing on behalf of our noble principle, who personally oversees all matters about the discipline, whether directly or indirectly. 

You have been away from the institute for several days and have also failed to attend the student-advisor meeting. You must present a good explanation for not attending college to the student adviser office, or you will be expelled. 

This is your final warning, and no excuses will be accepted after that. I sincerely hope you will regard this message as a serious warning. 

I'll run into you in the workplace. On the next working day, I expect you to be there.

Name & Signature.

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Attendance Warning Letter To Parents

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