Industrial Visit Permission Letter (3 Samples)

Industrial Visit Permission Letter (3 Samples)

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You can use the following example permission letter format for an industrial visit as a permission letter for industrial visit to hod, you may edit them to fulfil your requirements.

A permission letter for industrial visits to enable students to visit. It is used to alert the appropriate individuals of the desire to visit and the importance of the industrial visit. 

This is a formal document that a business may use to make plans to receive guests on a specific day. 

It also contains additional information on the visitor's expectations and outcomes.

How to write an industrial visit permission letter?

Writing a permission letter for an industrial visit
  1. Some pointers present your school to the appropriate authority.
  2. Mention the aim of the industrial tour in detail, and explain how it connects to the curriculum.
  3. Indicate the total number of students and teachers who will be present.
  4. Include additional pertinent information, such as the pupils' grades.
  5. Inquire about student insurance, for example.
  6. It is critical to obtain authorization before visiting a firm while planning an industrial visit. This will allow the appropriate authorities to prepare for your visit and notify you of any needs before your arrival.
  7. You should include information on the kids who will be visiting, the goal of the visit, and how it relates to the curriculum in such a letter. 
  8. The letter should be courteous and professional in tone.

EXAMPLE 1: Permission letter for industrial visit to principal.

You can use this example as a permission letter for an industrial visit from the college, and modify it as per your requirements.
Your address.

The Headmaster
ABC Standard School 
Shilaa Pur, 
Jila, New Delhi. 

Date : 14th August, 2022. 

Subject: Application for industrial visit.

Respected sir, 

My name is Nampui L, from your prestigious college, and I am now enrolled in and is my roll number 92.

I'm writing on behalf of commerce Department students to ask for permission to visit Dalmia Cement Factory for an industrial tour. The visit would take place on 9th September, 2022.  

This visit may aid students in gaining a thorough understanding of preferred fields, making it easier for them to comprehend the real workings of the apparatus.

I guarantee that all kids will maintain the appropriate level of decorum in the classroom. 

I anxiously anticipate your good response since I am required to tell all of the pupils.

Yours Faithfully,
Name of the student
Class : _________________
Roll Number: __________
Mobile No: ____________.
You'll need:- 

EXAMPLE 2: Industrial visit permission letter to the company.

__________ [address].

The Manager,
Tata Company Pvt. Ltd
Address of the Company.


Subject, Request for industrial visit. 

Dear Sir,

I'm writing to ask for your permission to visit your company, which is located in the New Industrial Area of Cane Island, on February 5th. 

I'd like to mention that we've scheduled this industry tour for our Industrial Management students in order to provide them with an understanding of how things function in the real world.

A total of 20 students would be escorted by a member of our college staff. The purpose of the visit is to broaden their understanding. 

We want to take our pupils on a tour of the whole industry, demonstrating the responsibilities done by various divisions.

I hope you will give us the opportunity to tour your facility and meet your knowledgeable employees. I'm hoping for a favourable reaction from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Raj Sharma
Email Address: ________.

EXAMPLE 3: Permission letter for an industrial visit from parents.


The Principal
School Name
Address of the School.

Date: October, 27th 2022.

Subject: letter for industrial visit from parents.

Dear Sir,

Mr. Manoj Sharma and Mrs. Anjali Sharma, parents of Jonny Sharma, a 12th grade student, willingly submit the undertaking. 

We are aware that our kid has agreed to participate in the institute's industrial trip, which will take place on September 9, 2022.

We will make certain that our kid follows the college's rules and regulations, as well as the directions of the faculty members who are accompanying him on the industrial trip.

We further declare and affirm that the college will not be held liable in the case of any tragedy involving our son, and that we accept full responsibility for any property damage or accident injuries to others caused by our kid's irresponsible act during the trip.

Yours truly,
Name : ____________
Phone number : ____________.

Industrial Visit Permission Letter

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