How To Write Appreciation Letter To Employee? (3 Samples).

How To Write Appreciation Letter To Employee? (3 Samples)

Appreciating workers for their accomplishments and great work promotes workplace connections. 

Employees that are recognized for their accomplishments are frequently motivated to work more and are more likely to stay with your organization for a longer period.

You may show your employees that you appreciate and admire their work in a variety of ways, one of the most popular and personal being to write them an appreciation note. 

Learn what to include in an employee appreciation letter and how to create one with the help of these templates and samples.

What exactly is a letter of employee appreciation?

An employee appreciation letter, also known as recognition or thank you for a letter, is a formal, semi-formal, or casual letter written by an employer to show thanks for the employee's hard work. When an employee goes above and beyond your expectations, appreciation letter for good service.

Appreciation letters to employees for good performance, for example, can recognize and thank employees for completing projects, going above and beyond their job responsibilities, or meeting a specific performance goal.

Why are employee appreciation letters important?

Sending your genuine thanks to an employee is vital since it shows them that you appreciate their efforts. Employees who feel acknowledged and valued are frequently happier and more motivated to work hard to accomplish corporate goals. 

Employee recognition also fosters a stronger team relationship and a positive business culture, which aids in the reduction of turnover rates. 

In fact, according to an Indeed poll, 30 percent of workers who left a job within the first six months claimed that being acknowledged more for their distinctive contributions may have kept them there longer.

Furthermore, by supporting desirable behaviors and attributes in appreciation letters, you demonstrate to employees what you want to see more of in the workplace.

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How to write an appreciation letter?

The following are the stages for writing an employee appreciation letter:

1. Organize your letter

The format of your letter will be determined by the reason you are thanking an employee. If the "thank you" is for something more informal, such as a brief favor, an email may suffice. 

A gratitude email, for example, can be useful if an employee arrived early to assist you set up for an event. Include the words "thank you" or a similar phrase in the subject line so that your employee understands the purpose of the email.

If you're rewarding an employee for a more important accomplishment, such as finishing a difficult assignment that resulted in the signing of a major account or taking over the organizing for a last-minute event, a typed or handwritten letter is preferable.

2. Include what, why, and how information.

An appreciation letter's objective is to inform an employee that they did extremely well on a certain assignment and to urge them to keep up the excellent work. Referencing particular incidents helps workers grasp what actions to replicate in the future.

Begin your letter by informing the employee of the reason for your recognition and detailing in detail what they did to deserve it. For example, they may have offered to assist a coworker in completing an assignment on time or volunteered to promote the firm at a weekend job fair.

Explain why their activities pleased you once you've discovered what they did to earn your appreciation. For example, assisting another person to complete their task on time illustrates their desire to assist others even when it is not part of their profession, and volunteering for extra labor exhibits their commitment to the firm.

Also, describe the significance of their activities and how they contributed to the overall improvement of your team or firm. If you clearly explain how their actions helped others and the organization, they are more inclined to continue making decisions that promote your workplace culture.

The what, why, and how can be three independent paragraphs that vary in length depending on how much detail you choose to provide.

3. Highlight their distinguishing characteristics.

Mention how your employee's talents and good attributes positively affected their accomplishment when detailing the specifics of their exceptional conduct. This acknowledgment makes them feel good about themselves and helps them discover the strengths they should continue to develop.

4. Be optimistic about their future

In addition to stressing your employee's successes, including a line or two expressing your excitement for the employee's future accomplishments and success. When an employee is encouraged, they are more inclined to challenge themselves and feel more engaged with the organization.

5. Be genuine and personable.

Addressing the employee by name and hand signing the letter are two methods to give a personal touch. End your letter with "thank you," "thank you again," or a similar statement, and sign your name.

Employee appreciation letter templates

The amount of formality will vary depending on the situation, corporate culture, and your connection with the employee. 

A more casual gratitude note, for example, makes the most sense if your organization has a laid-back, informal work culture. If your organization has a more formal corporate culture, you should probably write a formal letter of thanks.

Use the following letter of appreciation templates to help you create your own in the correct format:

Appreciation letter to employee for outstanding performance.

Senior Manager
XYZ Private Company Limited

The 19th September 2022.

_________________ Name of the employee 
_________________ Designation.

Dear Rebecca,

I hope you are doing well in your personal life, as we know how well you have performed in your position over the previous quarter.

The quarter was incredibly successful for the company, and I am confident that it was due to hardworking individuals like you. We knew you had talents when we recruited you last year, but the manner you've worked has proven us right, which makes us very happy.

We elevated you in a very short period because of the devotion you demonstrated at work, and we believe that it was the proper moment to make such a choice.

We have witnessed your leadership talents being employed for the growth of the organization over time, and we appreciate it when you provide opportunities to your juniors. We would also want to recognize the performance of your team.

Six of the seven projects entrusted to you in the past quarter were finished ahead of schedule, which pleased the clients.

You are a highly committed employee, and we would want to express our appreciation for both your technical and interpersonal abilities in this letter. We hope to see a similar performance in the future.

Please let us know if you require any more team resources, and don't be afraid to take some time off as we know you've been overworked over the previous two months.


Senior Manager- Operations.

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Appreciation letter to an employee leaving.

Dear [Name]

I'd want to offer my heartfelt gratitude for all of your efforts over the years. It was great having you on the team to come up with novel and original marketing campaign ideas. 

Thank you for your excellent work ethic and positive attitude while working on challenging tasks. Your collaborative approach and inspired leadership helped toh several successful efforts that yielded impressive outcomes.

Best wishes for your future aspirations. I do not doubt that you will apply the same amazing level of drive and talent to your next chance. Since we're both on social media, I'm hoping you'll remain in touch so I can keep up with all of your outstanding successes and ambitions.

Thank you once more for everything you've done for the marketing team and the organization as a whole.

Name & Signature.


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Appreciation mail for good performance of the employee

Sample appreciation letter to employee for hard work.

Greetings, employee name>

On behalf of business name>, I'd like to thank you for your tireless efforts in the department name>.

Your work ethic and drive in the department name> have not gone unnoticed, and as a consequence of your outstanding efforts, we have witnessed significant improvement in the field that has improved>. Your effort on details of contribution> has resulted in effects of contribution>, for which we must express our heartfelt gratitude and admiration.

Keep up the great job, and thank you once again!

Best wishes

Senior's surname>.


Sample appreciation letter to employee for hard work.


It's not as if only the finest employees deserve to be recognized. Writing an employee appreciation letter is a small extra step that says you're delighted to return all of the constant efforts that have directly or indirectly contributed to the accomplishment of a project or corporate goals.

However, in the subject line of the email, include the words "Thank you" or "Thank you for your hard work." This will assist the receiver to understand what it is about before they even open it.

If you're having problems writing a superb letter from scratch, the letter templates listed above can assist.

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