Application for Not Attending Online Classes Due to Eye Problem


Application for Not Attending Online Classes Due to Eye Problem

Application For Not Attending Online Class Due To Eye Problem samples are available here.

Today, we'll learn how to write an Application For Not Attending Online Class Due To Eye problems.

It isn't compulsory to be professional to Write an Application For Not Attending Online Classes.

However, explaining your main problems and including the essential information to support your request should be good enough.
Now, explore the below Leave Samples Application For Not Attending Online Class to get an idea of how your application should look.

You can edit the following Samples according to your requirements.


Application for not attending online class due to eye problem.

Yours Address
Pin code & P.o

The Principal
Name of the School/College
Address of the School/College
Pin code & 

Date : September 30 202#.

Subject, Prayer for online classes absence class due to eye problem.

Respected Sir,
I am _________ , student of class ________, writing this application to bring to your kind notice that I could not attend the usual online classes for a week on due yo eye problem. During my online classes I experience pale and weak eyesight. And the Doctor advice to stay away from mobile device for a period of Seven days. 

Therefore, I would be absent from __________ to _________, so that I could get a proper treatment and rest. I would love to continue my online classes enthusiastically with a positive health.

Therefore, I beg your kind consideration for the aforesaid reason and grant me a leave for a period of one week.

I shall be much obliged.

Thank you!
Yours Faithfully,
Name : ___________
Class : ____________
Section : __________
Roll Number : ___________
Phone No.: ______________.

Enclosure: I have enclosed my doctor's prescription from the medical, along with the application.

Leave letter format online class - new format.

I. Writer's Address:-
Chandi Nagar 34
H/52 - Mumbai

II. Recipient's Address:-
The principal
Indra Gandhi National Institute
Indra Haveli Road - N 24

III. Date:-
The 13th November, 202#.
IV. Salutation:-
Respected Sir/Madam,
V. Subject:-
Subject: Leave Application for online class absent.
VI. Application Body :-
With due respect I beg to state that I may not be able to attend my online classes for 5 days, starting from tuesday i.e The 14th November to 19th November, 202#. As I have some important family work to do at my village. So, I have to visit my village which is 75 kilometres from here.
VII. Conclusion:-
Therefore, you are requested to kindly provide me 2 days leave from my online class.

Thank you!
VIII. Name and Signature:-
Yours Faithfully,
Name : Priyanka Aggarwal
Phone No.: 
Signature : ______________.
IX. Enclosure:-
(You if have attached any documents with the application).

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Application For Not Attending Online Classes Due To Eye Problem.


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