Request Letter for Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation


Request Letter for Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation

Sample Request Letter for Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation in English is readily available here.

You can apply for your or your child's birth certificate online or in person.

Even though the Government portal allows you to apply for a birth certificate in almost all localities, including urban and rural areas.

However, in rural areas, the online application may not be processed promptlysult, it is preferable to apply for a birth certificate manually, either by filling out the application form provided by the appropriate government authority's office or by submitting a written application letter with all of the necessary information.

In case you're familiar with the Format of Application Letter Format of the Birth certificate, I urged you to read it properly.

The following sample is the request letter for a Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation.
West Coast 54
Caroline Street

Date: 17th October, 202#.

The Register of  Birth & Death
London Municipal Corporation
Romania 23 - Sr. Street

Subject:- Request for issue of Birth Certificate.

Respected Sir/Mr. Stark,

I, Tony Stark, am writing to request that you issue a Birth Certificate for my new-born baby girl, Stacy Paul. My daughter was born on 30th September 2021, at the St. John Hospital in Sweden.

•The child's name: ____________

•Father's name: _______________

•Mother's Name: ______________

•Gender: ________

•Date of birth: _______

•Birthplace: ________

•Father's profession: _______

•Permanent address of the parent: ________________.

I acknowledge that I am aware of the legal ramifications if the above information is found to be incorrect including supporting documentation.

I also affirm and solemnly swear that I have not been withheld any material information.

I would be extremely grateful if my application could be processed as soon as possible and a birth certificate issued.

•Identity and address proofs for the father, mother, and child.
•Birth certificate from a hospital.

Thank you!

Yours faithfully,
Priyanka Chopra
Phone No.: 9006578***23.



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